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*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – March 3rd

– Thanks to Jackson Brady for the following TNA iMPACT tapings from tonight’s show in Fayetteville, North Carolina. These will air next week, March 3rd:

* Dixie Carter opens the show and says her legal dispute over TNA didn’t turn out how she wanted. Immortal comes out followed by Hulk Hogan, making his return. Hogan announces that he now owns TNA and Dixie Carter is unemployed. Fortune comes out and goes back and forth on the mic with Immortal to end the segment.

* Beer Money defeated Gunner and Murphy in a match for the TNA Tag Team Titles. Ink Inc. comes out after the match and challenges BM to a match at Victory Road, they accept.

* Velvet Sky defeated Sarita, with her career on the line I believe. Rosita and Angelina Love all got involved. After the match, The Shore comes out and challenged Jwoww to a match. Sarita comes back out and attacks Velvet and Angelina. It looks like Cookie, Sarita and Rosita or Cookie, Angelina from Jersey Shore and Sarita vs. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and possibly Jwoww next week?

* Karen and Jeff Jarrett’s wedding begins now. Kurt Angle comes out and breaks it up, attacking Jeff. Kurt puts Karen into the wedding cake after she attacks him. Jeremy Borash assures us that the Jarrett wedding will take place tonight.

* Jeff Hardy vs. a mystery opponent for the TNA Title is announced for later.

* Scott Steiner beats Rob Terry by submission.

* Hernandez and Matt Morgan go to a double countout.

* They aired a 3-3-11 video, taking a jab at WWE and The Undertaker.

* Sting defeated Jeff Hardy to win the TNA World Title in a very solid match. Sting got a massive pop and is wearing new ring gear. Sting defeated Hardy with the Scorpion Death Lock to win the title.

  • marcum

    i toly get why they mimmicked the gimick from wwe now. its cuz all the people on the internet thought that sting would go to wwe so tna did the same thing for sting but like a week later


    nothing but respect for sting. When guys are runnin back to wwe with their tails between their legs (yes you bret hart) its nice to see someone who her the strength to turn Vince down!

  • Mike

    I am not saying he should have signed with WWE, but he should have walked away and called it a career, and a great one at that.

  • Mike

    Stings problem with WWE was programming, because of his religous beliefs. Yet he stays with TNA whos’ language is R at best and content with blood and sexual content weekly is borderline NC-17. Love the morals Borden if you preach it, live it. Otherwise keep your mouth shut about how high and mighty you are. Personally I think your persona as Sting is awesome but your moral compass lacks direction. Remember pratice what you preach, or stop preaching.

  • mj

    Date: Feb 24, 2011 at 9:23 PM
    People may think the 3-3-11 thing is hitting below the belt. But that’s Bischoff. Working the IWC and making money doing so. Genius in my book

    wheres the money? TNA is still in the shit hole it’s been for the last 5 years! Eric Bishoff is a JOKE! so is HOGAN! AND RUSSO!

  • Mark

    Sting v Jeff Hardy at next ppv Hardy goes face again after winning title then the other Hardy beats the shit out of him becomes champion, Sting beats him amd becomes champ again lol


    Sorry y’all, but Sting will NEVER sign with WWE. Ah, well…..

  • @Mark I don’t really blame you. TNA has pretty much sapped the spirit away from pro wrestling fans. Some fans are mad that WWE is PG (You can have a quality wrestling show while it’s TV-PG) and just swore that company off when really it’s WWE’s shitty booking that’s a big detriment to why both companies are struggling. MMA is kicking pro wrestling’s ass, and it’s more WWE and TNA’s fault.

  • Mark

    @Adam, I think I can better spend my time watching Spongebob Squarepants than watching professional wrestling right now. Spongebob has more intellegent writing. Pokemon has more intellegent writing than this shit anymore. Hell I think I have some Stephen King books that I have not read in a while I might go back and re-read those or hey maybe a comic book. Or here is a great idea. I am going to circumsise myself with a pair of rusty scissors and no anestetia. Anything is better than watching this half baked ridiculous dumb ass lame bunch of bullshit.

  • KitKrock


  • @Mark Watch ROH. You can watch their iPPVs and you can also check them out on HDNet until April. ROH needs a better mainstream channel than HDNet.

  • Mark

    I hate to quote the Miz, but REALLY, REALLY? This kind of crap(BISCHOFF) was cool 10 years ago, but it is not now. This was just stupid. Jersey Shore and 3-3-11 just stupid. I feel bad for the performers because they have a lot of great performers STING JEFF HARDY RVD KURT ANGLE AJ STYLES and on and on and on, but it is hard to care when The Powers That Be(WCW I did not forget that shit either Eric Bischoff) don’t care about what they put out. All I can say is that I hope these spoilers are wrong because at this point I have no reason to make time to watch. The same goes for WWE as well. These boards are more fun than the actual shows.

  • Marc Middleton, you probably shouldn’t call Beer Money BM for short.

  • JD

    Yes, the kinds of elements that made pro-wrestling great, like having JWoww from the Jersey Shore wrestling… in a TNA ring. Oh, and don’t forget Jeff Jarrett and Karen renewing their wedding vows… in a TNA ring. Yeah, I’m sure Sting made the right choice here.

  • Jeff

    People may think the 3-3-11 thing is hitting below the belt. But that’s Bischoff. Working the IWC and making money doing so. Genius in my book.

  • TomC

    So sorry, Myers … but Sting to WWE would have been a typical sell-out nail-in-the-coffin for Sting. It’s great to see Sting has got integrity and chooses to go where the focus is less on cartoonish storylines and more on the kinds of elements that made pro-wrestling great.

  • this was prob in Sting’s contract, that sting demanding he wins the title on his return

  • Myers

    As far as 3-3-11…original jab…

  • Myers

    Sting going to WWE would have been exciting and new. Sting returning to TNA not to special.