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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – 12/1/2011

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Orlando. These will air this Thursday:

* The Pope and Devon became the new #1 contenders by defeating Mexican America and Ink Inc.

* Sting returns and calls Bobby Roode out. Sting talks about what Roode did last week and he must face the consequences. AJ Styles comes out and then does Jeff Hardy. Sting announces Styles vs. Hardy vs. Roode for tonight in a non-title match.

* Austin Aries comes out and talks about changing the X Division. Aries needs some new competition but out comes Kid Kash. Aries offers Kash a title shot. They go to shake on it and start brawling.

* Mick James beat ODB in a Street Fight.

* Robbie E beat Rob Van Dam with the TV Title on the line. Eric Young and Daniels both interfered in the match. Daniels hit RVD with Angel’s Wings and gave Robbie the pin.

* Backstage segment with all of the Knockouts washing a car in bikinis. They all start brawling until Gail Kim shows up and sprays everyone with water.

* Bobby Roode beat AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy in the main event. Roode got the pin on Hardy after interference from Jeff Jarrett. Sting came out and announced Hardy vs. Jarrett at Final Resolution in a cage match where the only way to win is to escape. If Jarrett wins, Hardy is gone from TNA. If Hardy wins, he gets a World Title shot. Karen Jarrett comes out with her mouth and Sting bans her from ringside for the match.

  • venom

    I just don’t see RVD giving up the pot to go back to WWE. This episode doesn’t sound bad.

  • Dave

    RVD wants to return to WWE. He just needs to work out a bulk use discount for all his upcoming violations of the no smoking weed rule.
    Get fined for 10 months straight. Get the remaining 2 months free.

  • Devon and pope? Come really disappointed in the tna tag division which i thought was the most promising thing going over there, has turned into shit..although tna is much better than 6 months ago, still not watchable though

  • arrrrr truth

    so hardy will get a title shot… good punishment for ten days in prison

  • Gary

    Only, and i repeat ONLY reasons RVD went to TNA was Money & No care about his pot usage

  • MJ

    I read this and laughed when i saw robbie E defeat a fomer wwe, ecw, and tna champion. HAHA! Smart move on RVD’s part to join TNA!

  • Gary

    yep bury RVD, i rly think RVD needs to either take his ‘last run’ with WWE or just go back to indys…smh would love to see a RVD in ROH or CZW (wont happen in CZW)

  • bonerjams

    Wait valo487 it must be a vintage marc middleton fuck up.

  • Valo487

    Karen Jarrett comes out with her mouth? Does she typically leave it in the locker room?

  • Nooch

    Robby E defeated Robby V. Van Dam is just cruising along collecting a paycheck at this point. I hope he gets his motivation back at some point and has one last good run where he strives to steal the show like he used to.

  • RAMSES 2

    robby e defeats rvd??? wtf!

  • adam

    One thing i gotta say is with the first match other then that show seems solid. Were in the hell have devon and pope been latley. They just all the sudden show up on impact and there number one contenders. I mean mexican america like em or not which i dont because i think there a cheap knock off of lax they deserve the rematch because they just lost those titles. What have pope and devon done latley nothing. Now if it was devon and bubba then ok because there legends. But come on. The rest of the show seems intresting though. And the bikini car wash thing will come off as looking hot but once again degrading what everyone considered a great womens division that wasnt about tna it was about wresting.

  • shymosq

    If World Champion Robert Roode was booked to WIN the three-way main event…then what was the point in making it a NON-Title match??

  • Effmenow

    Sounds like a good episode. Hopefully it comes off good on TV.