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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – 5/10/2012

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from Tuesday’s tapings in Orlando. These will air next week, May 10th:

* Bobby Roode opens the show and says he will be TNA’s longest reigning Heavyweight Champion ever. Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson come out and interrupt. Hulk Hogan announces a four-way tonight. The winner will get a surprise. Anderson and Hardy get RVD’s title shot if they win and if Roode wins, he gets to pick his own opponent for Sacrifice. RVD gets to pick the stipulation for his match with Roode at Sacrifice if he wins.

* Brooke Tessmacher beat Velvet Sky in what was possibly a #1 contender’s match. Gail Kim attacked after the match.

* Matt Morgan vs. Crimson never happens because Bully Ray attacks Morgan backstage. Crimson forces the referee to announce him the winner by count out.

* Austin Aries beat Zema Ion.

* Kazarian and Daniels come out. They reveal AJ Styles’ big secret – photos of him kissing Dixie Carter. Styles acts shocked and surprised.

* Devon beat Robbie E.

* Abyss’ brother Mr. Joseph Park runs into Bully Ray but gets laid out.

* Rob Van Dam beat Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode in the main event. RVD indicates a Ladder Match stipulation for his match against Roode at Sacrifice. Abyss makes his return at the end of the show and appears on the stage. Abyss cuts a promo and declares that he is back.

  • eric

    that is main problem with tna. they have a great young roster of talent wrestlers and female talent ko’s. tna needs to get rid flair hogan bischoff. there waste money. tna was better before hogan bischoff came in. tna needs hogan flair out tna. all hogan flair are doing is putting them self over. there time is up. go home flair and hogan. this is not 1980’s 1990’s anymore.

  • b c Mitchell

    ^^^translated= get rid of Flair, Hogan, & Bischoff. Ditto almost everyone agrees with that. Dudleys to WWE. Been there done that trying to relive the glory days of old stars helps nobody. Generation Me are rocking the Indy scene where they shall remain for what seems the rest of their careers. Michelle McCool is at home making Undertaker babies so no on the managing. Layla just came back but hopefully leaves again soon

  • eric

    can tna get rid flair hogan old guys living in past. dudley boyz should go wwe so they can help wwe tag team divison. flair and hogan need go away. they are not helping tna ratings or ppv buys wise. tna needs to get rid of hogan bitchoff flair. they were find in 2002-2009 before hogan and his old school friends show up ruined tna! also genme should go to wwe have mccool as there manager or layla.

  • b c Mitchell

    So they reveal that AJ is having some type of “inappropriate” relationship with his boss Dixie. Who gives a shit? All they revealed is AJ must suck at sex. How else do you explain that he can’t even fuck his way out of the lower midcard

  • poko


    You’re a troll because you come into every single TNA post and talk shit. It’s annoying. It’s clear that you don’t want to like it, so why bother? You also seem to have some kind of thing going where you’re stalking another troll, and it’s just kind of strange. Why don’t you and Jason just troll it out in email or something, so the rest of us don’t have to suffer through that crap? Seriously, do you have to try start something with him EVERY SINGLE TNA THREAD? Goddamn, son, get over it already.

    I’m a wrestling fan. I like WWE and TNA. I’d take WWE over TNA if I had to choose, but I don’t. I can watch both. You’re the mark here.

  • ant

    @narf…youre just a wwe mark who thinks he knows everything about the wrestling business and u really dont so who cares what u think and who cares about your stupid opinion

  • scooter

    close personal friends shared a kiss in a non passionate way shocking he also hugged bobby roode when he won the BFG series clearly he’s having a gay relationship with him!

  • ant

    @narf..only true marks say shit about a show they havent even seen yet so yeah u r. mark and mos definitely youre a troll

  • poko

    Narf is a troll who probably draws pictures of Vince McMahon with hearts and unicorns, but this really does sounds like one of the most boring Impacts in weeks. Of course, this is only spoilers, not a full synopsis, so it’s hard to say for sure.

    However, Devon vs. Robbie E. needs to end. They’ve done that way too many times. I don’t dislike Devon, but I’d like to see the TV title move to someone a bit more dynamic. Aries also needs some new competition. Hopefully those are both “the ending of a feud” matches, and new contenders will step up soon. Looks like Bully Ray, Crimson, and Morgan will be entering new feuds soon, as well. This really sounds like a transition show, and if it is, then it can almost be forgiven.

    I’d like to see the main event, though. That sounds good, and RVD vs. Roode in a latter match sounds pretty awesome.

  • ant

    lookin forward to seeing abyss return and also the ladders match at sacrifice between roode and rvd

  • ant

    @narf…shut up idiot if u dont like it then dont watch it