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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings for 6/5 and 6/12

– TNA taped the rest of the June 5th Impact Wrestling on Friday night in Orlando. Below are spoilers, thanks to Eric.

Taped on Thursday:

* Willow defeated Bram by disqualification when Magnus attacked Willow.

* Samoa Joe comes out and calls MVP to the ring. He challenges MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley to a handicap match. Austin Aries comes out. MVP announces Joe vs. Aries in a loser leaves TNA for good match.

* Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards in a match ordered by MVP. Kenny King came out after the match but got laid out by them.

* MVP plays up the storyline with Brian Hebner backstage. He says there must be a winner and loser in this next match. No DQ’s no count out, no shenanigans.

* Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries is next with the loser being gone from TNA for good. Hebner has turned as he counts fast. Eric Young comes out and argues with Hebner about working for MVP. Bully Ray comes down and knocks Hebner out. Bully takes the mic and is furious about MVP abusing his power. MVP, King and Lashley come out. Bully issues a challenge for himself, EY, Aries and Joe vs. MVP, Lashley, King and Ethan in a First Blood match.

* The BroMans come out and cut a promo on Knux and The Menagerie. This leads to the group coming out and attacking BroMans.

* Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe defeated MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and Ethan Carter III when Ethan got busted open.

Taped on Friday:

* There was video from earlier of Mr. Anderson and James Storm drunk after a beer drinking contest at a local bar. Anderson reveals he was just playing along and isn’t really drunk. Anderson beats Storm around the bar and out to the parking lot, leaving him in a dumpster.

* Anderson comes to the ring dressed as a cowboy. He picks on Storm for being a drunk. The real Storm comes out and they end up brawling. Storm challenges Anderson to a match at Slammiversary.

* Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne with the Knockouts Title on the line, with help from Velvet Sky. Brittany came out and watched the match but didn’t stop Velvet.

– TNA taped the rest of the June 12th Impact Wrestling on Friday night in Orlando. Below are spoilers, thanks to Eric.

* Eric Young comes out and talks about defending against MVP at Slammiversary. He calls out MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. MVP comes out and will let EY pick a stipulation for their match if he can beat two of them in one night.

* Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young. After the match, Lashley attacked Young until Samoa Joe made the save. They brawled until Joe sent Lashley up the ramp.

* Magnus and Bram come to the ring. They talk about Willow and he comes out. Willow says “we” will take Magnus out at Slammiversary. Bram says he will be at ringside for Magnus on Sunday. Willow has someone too and brings out Abyss. A big brawl breaks out and Willow and Abyss clear the ring.

* Knox defeated Robbie E. The Menagerie did a lot of shenanigans here.

* Eric Young defeated Kenny King.

* Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud come to the ring and bring out Brooke Tessmacher. Ethan asks if she’s still with Bully Ray and she says no. They accuse her of being pregnant and try to intimidate her. Ray comes out and says they split on good terms. He calls her an awesome girlfriend. Ethan challenges Ray to a Tables Match at Slammiversary but Bully wants a Texas Death Match. Ethan accepts.

* Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany to become the new #1 contender. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love were on commentary. They came to the ring and distracted the referee and tried to spray Gail with hairspray.

* Eric Young defeated VP in another non-title match, by disqualification. The match began with King and Lashley attacking EY as he made his entrance. The DQ came when MVP used a steel chair. MVP cuts a promo and says he doesn’t care what stipulation EY picks. EY is still down but struggles to get up. He announces a steel cage match for Slammiversary.


* The Wolves defeated Sanada and Tigre Uno with the TNA Tag Team Titles on the line.

* Knox and Crazy Steve defeated Zema Ion and Jessie Godderz.

  • Jason Lentini

    Who are “VP” and “Knox” ? Great proofreading as usual ….