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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – March 15th

– We’re just now getting the spoilers for the March 15th episode of Impact Wrestling that was taped last Wednesday night in Orlando. Here they are, thanks to Eric:

* First they taped the March 8th main event that saw Garett Bischoff and Jeff Hardy beat Kurt Angle and Gunner.

* James Storm came out and challenged Bully Ray to a fight. Ray comes out and has someone else in mind – Gunner. The match is made for later tonight.

* Crimson beat Samoa Joe.

* Austin Aries comes out and brags about being X Division Champion. Zema Ion comes out to confront him.

* Mr. Anderson was back in action and defeated Daniels.

* Gail Kim beat Mickie James.

* Kurt Angle faced Garett Bischoff in a Beat the Clock Challenge but couldn’t get the pin in under 5 minutes.

* James Storm beat Gunner in a solid match.

* Sting and Bobby Roode came out for their Victory Road contract signing. Sting got pissed at the end and destroyed the setup. Sting laid Roode out with his DDT and painted his face and then Roode’s face. Sting is crazy going into the fight at Victory Road.

  • adam

    Ya its cool he is back but i think they could of handled it better. They should of had Jeff come out to help AJ against daniels and KAZ since that would be an amazing tag match and could build 2 new exciting teams while keeping jeff away from the main event scene as kind of a punishment and so he can build himself back up. Then when garrett was having his mystery partner revaled he could be on the mic and be like you know this partner normally would be a guy my dad gets along with becuase like him he is a giant ASSHOLE

  • Tyler

    They are really pushing crimson’s undeafted streak still how great th 100% asshole is back

  • Valo487

    I should never read the words Crimson beat Samoa Joe.

  • adam

    Ya i miss the days even back when they were on comcast sports net when the main focus was the x-division and them having the best tag division in wrestler. Or when they used to brag that ever ppv is better then the next now its like shit. Also since i know he will be commenting on these boards soon enough i wanted to ask MR. Tna jason about something he said earlier about raitings not being a big deal…How do you know when something is good……when alot of people watch it and how do you know when alot of people watch your product OMFG when you get high ratings. but ya i completly agree with you ratings dont matter and its fine for a top wrestling company like you think tna is to just give tickets away so it seems like the arena is full. And i have proof on that last point so ya.

  • Antoine

    ugh i usually dont talk smack about impact wrestling but cmon i would rather watch ROH then this crap