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Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – March 8th

by Staff - Feb 29, 2012

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- TNA taped the March 8th episode of Impact Wrestling on Tuesday night in Orlando. Below are full spoilers, thanks to Eric:

* Ric Flair, Gunner and Eric Bischoff kick off the show. Bischoff met with Sting and made the match of Gunner and a partner vs. Garett and a partner. Kurt Angle eventually comes out and embraces everyone. Kurt’s going to be teaming with Gunner.

* Eric Young and ODB defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to become the new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Madison accidentally hit Gail with one of the belts to cost their team the match. After the match, Young and ODB celebrated until he dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. ODB said yes and they celebrated some more.

* Zema Ion beat Austin Aries by DQ with the TNA X Division Title on the line.

* Bully Ray came out and cut a promo on James Storm. Ray calls out Sting to make him the #1 contender. Sting gives him a match with Bobby Roode.

* Roode and Ray went to a No Contest in a non-title match. James Storm ran out during the match and chased Ray off to the back. Storm hit Last Call on Roode twice to end the segment.

* Crimson and Matt Morgan beat Robbie E and Rob Terry to become the new #1 contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles. Crimson and Morgan had words after the match.

* AJ Styles comes out and talks about TNA’s 10 year anniversary coming up. Daniels and Kazarian come out eventually and they talk for what seems like forever. Mr. Anderson makes his return and attacks Kaz and Daniels. Anderson and AJ stand tall as Daniels and Kaz run off tot he back.

* Eric Bischoff comes out and mocks Garett for running around backstage trying to find a tag team partner. Bischoff tells the fans that whatever will happen tomorrow night. Apparently there is no tag team main event tonight and come to find out it’s because Jeff Hardy was sick.

  • kirby4321

    So Eric Young basically is the TNA Version of WWE’s Own Hervina…

    In the word’s of the Miz “Really? Really?

    This could have been done better… Really bad scripting here…

  • cleverdick

    Urmmm Crimson and Morgan already had a rematch for the tag team titles and lost. RVD coming out instead of Anderson would be just as random. Aries and Ion ended in a DQ meaning a clear winner will probably be decided at a PPV. Gail Kim turning face would be better than Madison because Madison is annoying and potentially a top heel.

    Grizz – It’s scripted/kayfabe/storyline (not real…
    Heyfit equals either child or retard
    lolwut? If you want to jack off to knockouts go watch porn.

  • lol

    Sooooooooooooooooo another impact without velvet sky or some knockouts match showing skin (lingerie, bikini, etc). No wonder their ratings suck. Sorry but they are TV14 and most males want to see some skin from the knockouts. Sure they can wrestle if needed, but show some DAMN skin!!!!

  • heyfit

    TNA equals bullshit.

  • grizz

    How can Eric Young marry ODB when she is already married. I hate to see the man that married that skank.

  • Antoine

    ok first off why would mr anderson come out of the blue and just start teamin with aj styles all of a sudden(it would make more sense if it was rvd),why are crimson and matt morgan in a #1 contenders match when they should obviously just get a rematch,why are zima ion and austin aries fighting on impact instead of the ppv,how they gon have eric young and odb win the tag titles for the knocouts when they shouldve just had gail kim beat madison rayne at the ppv then have madison turn face amd turn on gail on the impact AFTER the ppv,and then lastly how they gon have impact end with no main event ugh i usually dont hate on impact wrestling but cmon man this is ridiculous

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