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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – November 17th

– Thanks to Eric for the following spoilers from tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. These will air this Thursday, November 17th:

* Bobby Roode opens the show and is interrupted by James Storm. Security stops Storm from rushing the ring but AJ Styles comes in from the crowd and goes at it with Roode until security stops it. Sting comes out and announces Roode vs. Styles in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match at Final Resolution for the belt.

* TV Champion Robbie E. beat Devon.

* James Storm accuses Samoa Joe of beating him up before last week’s main event and they fight backstage.

* Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen beat Austin Aries and Kid Kash. Aries walked out on Kash after they kept arguing, which led to Kash getting pinned. Good X Division tag match.

* Mickie James became the new #1 contender by winning the Knockouts Gauntlet Match. It consisted of Mickie, ODB, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Miss Tessmacher, Rosita, Tara, Winter, Madison Rayne and Sarita. Mickie pinned Madison to win.

* Backstage segment with Sting and Garrett Bischoff. In comes Matt Morgan and Crimson. Sting talks about the state of TNA’s tag team division and gives the new team of Morgan and Crimson a shot against Mexican America for tonight.

* Karen Jarrett comes out to call Jeff Hardy to the ring. She runs him down until Jeff Jarrett tries to attack by coming in through the crowd. Hardy fought him off and escaped.

* Crimson and Matt Morgan won the Tag Team Titles by beating Mexican America.

* Garrett Bischoff beat Gunner.

* James Storm wants to know who attacked him last week. AJ Styles comes out and they start fighting. Kazarian comes out to break them up and walks with Styles to the back. Kurt Angle returns and attacks Storm, laying him out with an Angle Slam. Angle reveals that it was him who laid Storm out last week before the main event, to end the show.


    u ungrateful bastards u should be ashamed for saying that

  • adam

    Ya raw was bad i mean some of it was ok with the matches trying to build to survivor series. Same with impact some of the matches seem good like the x division tag team match. But over all wrestling is really horrible now adays.

  • MJ

    Wrestling has really gone downhill! I mean raw sucked and now this? Crimson and matt morgan are in a feud why the hell give them the tag titles? James storm basically looked like he could have been injured last week and within a week he’s healed? Also why in the bluest of blue hells would you put gunner vs garrett bishoff as your main event? It also seems that they have title matches every show just to see if it will get them ratings

  • adam

    Ya the problem i have with the hole morgan crimson tag title thing is why have them when it? I mean ink inc seemed to have a huge push and they were building a story with them. THen all of the sudden they just throw the titles on morgan and crimson who were going at it with eachother. This seems kind of wwe’ish with how they just randomly throw people together to become a team and just give them the titles for teh hell of it.

  • Effmenow

    I really wanna see that X Division tag match.