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Spoilers: TNA One Night Only World of Wrestling Taping Results

TNA taped their One Night Only World of Wrestling pay-per-view show tonight, which will air at a later date. Here are the full results.

Team USA
James Storm
Mickie James
Christopher Daniels
Kenny King

Team Aces and 8s
Wes Brisco
Mr. Anderson
Team Aces and 8’s did not reveal a knockout for the event

Team UK
Douglas Williams
Rob Terry
Rockstar Spud
Hannah Blossom

Team International
Judas Mesias
Sonjay Dutt
Lei’D Tapa
Petey Williams

– Kenny King defeated Sonjay Dutt.

– Magnus defeated Mr. Anderson.

– Wes Brisco defeated Rockstar Spud.

– Lei’D Tapa defeated Hannah Blossom.

– Aces and 8’s introduce Ivelisse Velez as their Knockout representative. Velez defeated Mickie James.

– Christopher Daniels and Kazarian defeated Doug Williams and Rob Terry

– James Storm defeated Judas Mesias.

– Team USA defeated Team Aces and 8’s and win the World Cup of Wrestling.

  • zidano666

    judas mesias back dat’s pretty cool 🙂

  • Christian Hendrix


  • rob

    at least magnus won a match over a legit opponent ..

  • Centurypromotion

    What a surprise way to go TNA … UK or International could of won this one to GAIN more viewers since in North America it’s’been close to 10 and a half years fans dont grow that much ! Good for Ivelise some tv time and lol Funaki is back Indeed lol

  • Scooter

    Oh yeah Amurica has to win even against the rest of the world.