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Spoilers: TNA Title Change at Tonight’s Tapings, Final Resolution Main Event

– The team of Crimson and Matt Morgan became the new TNA Tag Team Champions at tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings by defeating Mexican America.

– The main event of TNA’s Final Resolution pay-per-view will see TNA World Champion Bobby Roode defend against AJ Styles in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match.

Stay tuned for full spoilers from tonight’s tapings.

  • venom

    I am glad TNA is acknowledging AJ as a mainevent guy and giving him a chance.

  • Matt

    I just wish they’d tape one per week to avoid this sort of thing, and spoilers getting out a month in advance is killing rating and probably any faith the network has in TNA.

  • CM Mark

    I’m not defending TNA, but didn’t you ever fight with someone as a kid and then become best friends? That’s usually how you earn respect. If you’re in 4th grade of course…lol.

  • Matt


    brawling until they’re separated by security, double DQ at the PPV, and now they’re tag champs together the next week.

    Yeah, thats TNA people.

    Hell I forgot people like Robbie E and The Pope even had jobs, the problem of filming multiple weeks of TV in one or 2 days, people disappear for a month and they expect you to give a shit about them and who they’re feuding with when they return? please…

  • 21321321

    Why they just cannot make things like this happen at a PPV, where you spend money to hope for a title change, instead you get them after a PPV, By the way this is the second straight time a title changed after a PPV, First James Storm now Crimson and Matt Morgan.

  • CM Mark

    Crimson and Matt Morgan together? Did someone in TNA creative actually have a good idea?

  • Eric Nixon

    60-minute Iron Man matches are boring as hell. However, 30-minutes Iron Man matches don’t really seem all that Iron Mannish to me. Why don’t they just a quality match with good story telling? Enough with the gimmick matches. Yeah, I made Iron Mannish a word.

  • Kris

    Yea but Half of WWE’s Iron man matches are rest holds, etyc

  • Guess they can’t go at it for a hour like WWE