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Spoilers: Top TNA Veteran May Have Finished Up at Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Tapings

– We noted on Wednesday that AJ Styles had not signed a new deal with TNA yet and that they were still negotiating with money appearing to be the biggest issue.

Styles was backstage at Tuesday night’s Impact Wrestling tapings and returned on Wednesday night at the tapings for the January 2nd episode and a match was made against Magnus, winner of the tournament finals, to crown an Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

That match took place at Thursday night’s tapings and will air on January 9th. The match had a No DQ stipulation added to it and saw interference from a handful of stars, including Dixie Carter. The end saw Magnus get the win to become the Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Styles cut what was described as a somber promo and thanked the fans for letting him wrestle for them. He said Dixie could forget about him but he won’t ever forget about the TNA fans. He said this was real life and talked about his time in TNA. Styles said goodbye before greeting fans at ringside on his way out.

There is still no confirmation that a new deal was signed since Tuesday but if there wasn’t, PWInsider reports that Thursday night’s tapings, which will air January 9th, could be Styles’ last appearance for the company. The latest word was that both sides were still very far apart on money and that it would come down to the wire. Styles’ contract expires before the end of the year.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Colt Cobana (anybody remember how bad they pissed that way with “scotty goldman”)

    Chris Hero

    William Regal

    Paul Burchill (his run on WWE/ECW was brilliant)

    Raven (not a “mega star” like your Austin’s, but a huge waste none the less, great talker)

    Colt Cobana

    Taz (started off well against angle, but they made him look like a joke)

    plus so many others

  • Scooter

    Yup Danielson and Punk are both to top drawing main event talents and the only guys to go over Cena clean in years.

    Totally being wasted.

  • Hey smart guy, Styles already made a name for himself in ROH years ago. But nice try.

    However, even if WWE did sign him, they would waste him, just like they have Danielson, Cesaro and Punk, etc. etc.

  • CC

    Yep, they have a habit of not signing talented wrestlers like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro etc etc etc
    If WWE doesnt sign him it has nothing to do with his talent and everything to do with the fact that he just isnt very interesting outside the ring.

    TNA has done absolutely nothing with AJ for years, and by the sounds of it, they have dropped the ball here as well. Had they made him a more marketable property he might have had a shot, but as it is, his chances of WWE being interested are slim. The guy should got to ROH and make a name for himself there instead.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    well, at least we don’t have to worry about the WWE picking him up,

    1. hes not a meathead with limited ability and 2. he can actually put on amazing matches

    (WWE has a habit of not noticing actually talented wrestlers)

  • JohnCena33

    In the number 30 spot of the royal rumble, CJ Styles!!!!!!!

  • rj27

    Whether he leaves or not, it seems like the whole angle they ripped off from the WWE with AJ leaving with the belt was a big waste of time.