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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 5/3/2013

– Thanks to Fritz for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Detroit, Michigan:

* Ryback kicks off this week’s SmackDown and cuts a promo about Extreme Rules and John Cena.

* Ryback vs. Daniel Bryan is up first. Lots of “Yes!” chants in the arena tonight.

* Ryback defeated Daniel Bryan in a lengthy match. He won with Shellshocked.

* Renee Young is backstage interviewing Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio.

* Fandango beat Zack Ryder in a quick match.

* Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Zeb Colter ends in a no contest when Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio interfere. Teddy Long comes out and makes a tag match. The tag match changes when Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston interfere.

* Ricardo and Del Rio vs. Swagger and Colter vs. Langston and Ziggler is up next. Del Rio gets the win for his team by submission.

* Backstage segment with The Shield attacking Daniel Bryan.

* Randy Orton defeated Damien Sandow. After the match, Big Show came down and had words with Orton.

* Kane comes out of the trainers room backstage and says The Shield will pay for what they did to Bryan.

* Mark Henry vs. Sheamus in an arm wrestling contest is up next. Henry wins but Sheamus wants another shot but using their left arms. Henry accepts but Sheamus decks him with a right had. They brawl but Sheamus leaves Henry laying.

* Kane vs. Dean Ambrose is up next. Ambrose gets the win and then The Shield beats down Kane. They leave him laying and stand over him with the WWE Tag Team Titles in hand.

  • Scott

    They all have something unique to them. as of now I think you might see ambrose get a singles push while he is in the shield while reigns and rollins get the tag titles. Make them a even more power house stable then they already are. Plus that way you don’t have the two small guys getting all the ring time, because during the 6 man tags it doesn’t seem like Reigns does a whole lot except for the spear and the three man power bomb

  • Pewp

    I like the shield, it is a refreshing stable. Different from any stable before them, and successful. They kinda remind me of APA.

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if they begin having normal tag and singles matches before too long. All 3 members have good chemistry by the looks of things.

    Ambrose is very entertaining with his mannerisms and facial expressions, Rollins knows how to move with intensity (like Dolph) and Reigns just reminds me of Scott Hall, I can’t get over that one but he does.

  • Scott

    Oh me too. However, the shield is a great way to get them all known and over with the crowd to start there wwe careers

  • Pewp

    Cool, they might make a fun team but I would rather all 3 be solo. I can’t wait to see Roman Reigns in a match, and I enjoy Dean Ambrose.

    Seth Rollins looks like the next Jeff Hardy, hopefully he stays away from drugs!

  • Scott

    Ambrose and Rollins were posing with the titles last night and reigns was inbetween them as they stood over top of kane on the mat. So maybe those two will be the ones wrestling

  • Scott

    It ended up being just Mark henry and big show vs. orton and sheamus I don’t know who won I’m asuming the faces.

  • Pewp

    Which 2 shield will win tag titles or will it be one of those things where any 2 of the 3 may defend?

    I think all 3 should be together as a unit until they split, and keep them solo. All 3 are amazing, just amazing.

  • Jason Lentini

    No report on the dark match in your earlier post of Sheamus, Randy
    Orton, & Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger ?

  • Jason Lentini

    It was in a backstage segment.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    I missed something… What did the Shield do to D-Bryan. Was it during the Ryback match?