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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 5/4/2012

– Thanks to Mikel for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Toledo, Ohio.

Dark Match:

* Dean Ambrose defeated Ezekiel Jackson

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* SmackDown opens with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus called out Daniel Bryan for a match. Sheamus beats Bryan by DQ when #1 contender Alberto Del Rio interfered. Bryan and Del Rio have words after the match.

* Trainers come out and check on Sheamus after he takes an armbar from Del Rio.

* WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Hunico and Camacho. Abraham Washington, Rosa Mendes, Epico and Primo came out to watch the match from the stage.

* Brodus Clay defeats Jack Swagger by DQ after interference from Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler takes a big headbutt from Clay but they beat him down. Clay cleans house and chases them and Vickie Guerrero off.

* Randy Orton and Big Show vs. Kane and Cody Rhodes is announced for later tonight.

* Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio arguing about getting a title shot at Sheamus. Eve Torres appears and says she has to check with the doctors to see if Sheamus is able to compete.

* Damien Sandow vs. Derrick Bateman is up next. Sandow cuts a heel promo against the crowd and Bateman. He refuses to wrestle Bateman and walks out.

* Ryback comes out as the replacement and squashes Bateman.

* Randy Orton and Big Show beat Kane and Cody Rhodes. Show hit the WMD on Cody for the win.

* They re-tape Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger with Clay winning by count out.

* Layla defeated Natalya in a non-title match.

* Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. He comes out to watch the main event of Bryan vs. Sheamus in the rematch from earlier, made by Eve. Sheamus comes out with his shoulder bandaged up. Sheamus beat Bryan with the Brogue Kick. Del Rio also interfered in this match.

  • hey

    smackdown simply sucks now!! never used to!!

  • The Ryder Revolution

    To quote Damien Sandow…Your Welcome

  • Jimbo

    1. Why does Bryan care about Sheamus when he’s #1 contendor for the WWE Championship now?

    2. Why is Rhodes jobbing to Big Slow again?

    3. Where in the blue hell is Christian?

  • @no yes but really no damien sandow match again and not antonio ceasero but ryback has a match really?!

  • NO

    Isn’t today The Rocks birthday?

  • nick

    If this didn’t say the wrestlers names, you’d think its TNA…pretty sad

  • d

    Why do they advertise Christian and then not use him?

  • Soulshroude

    That was a crappy build for all storylines… no wonder ratings are still plummetting.

  • ant

    @bastion booger..dosent matter cuz win lose or draw that match is gonna be freakin awesome..on another note we all know that at over the limit its gonna be sheamus vs alberto del rio for the world heavyweight title so they might as well go ahead and announce it already

  • Effmenow

    I’m sorry but it’s time Dolph Ziggler wins the Intercontinental Championship and has a decent run with it.

  • Bastion Booger

    Why have your number 1 contender lose a match to the other world champ? It only makes Sheamus look stronger and does nothing for Bryan. Am i supposed to believe he can beat punk now?

  • Drake F3lix

    Why in the HELL would Sheamus need to beat Brian again?

  • Matt

    no aj? 🙁 I want to see more character development.