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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 8/31/2012

– Thanks to Ricky for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from Green Bay:

* SmackDown opens with Sheamus. He is interrupted by Damien Sandow. Sandow insults Sheamus and the crowd, then leaves. Booker T comes out and announces Sheamus vs. Sandow for later.

* Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes.

* Kaitlyn defeated Natalya. Eve Torres came out for commentary.

* Sheamus beat Damien Sandow by count out.

* Darren Young and Titus O’Neil defeated Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.

* Alberto Del Rio came out and talked about Sheamus. Kane came out and apologized for attacking Josh Mathews at SummerSlam.

* Del Rio defeated Kane. Kane attacked Mathews after the match.

* Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler in the main event.

  • Tombstone

    The IWC constantly bitches wanting storylines, Well why the hell dont you try being patient and seein how this plays out. Example, the Cody Rhodes mask obsession is clearly a storyline in the works.

  • adam

    also jimbo he has been the push killer since he fucked up kofi kingston.

  • adam

    why are cody and dolph lossing every week. I mean i know they want orton in teh title picture again cause the wwe cant live with out that but they gotta realize dolph and cody are the future not rey mysterio and randy orton two guys who keep getting suspended every three months. Also im a little suprised the prime time players beat kidd and gabriel.

  • Jimbo

    Randy Orton beats Ziggler for the 9000th time. He is no longer the Legend Killer. Just the Push Killer.

  • nikki

    why not have sandow win by countout? I thought they were going to push him strong?

  • James

    Where has Christian been?

  • Rocky sucks

    Diesel u dumbass didn’t u see tht part that it said Kane attacked Mathews again .also Rhodes sandow Ziggler and kidd all suck bad

  • Diesel

    So Kane’s doing apologies now?? One minute they’re cutting promos about him becoming a monster again and puts the mask back on him and the next thing he’s ends up a big red bitch again?? They never were quite capable of getting it right

  • xXx

    will there be a sin cara and mysterio interaction?

  • zach

    i hate when there are such broad spoilers

  • Dr Killiwiggles

    Why is Cody losing every week?

  • Nick

    wow, thank goodness dolph ziggler and tyson kidd were on smackdown, other wise this looks horrible

  • Dang

    Wow,Natalya loses two times in a week