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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – August 27th

– Thanks to Michael for these WWE SmackDown spoilers, to air next week on August 27th:

* Kane defeated Rey Mysterio in a No DQ match. Alberto Del Rio came out after the match and laid Rey out.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler via count out.

* CM Punk defeated JTG.

* Big Show defeated Luke Gallows.

* Alberto Del Rio beat a local wrestler by submission.

* Jack Swagger beat MVP via DQ. There was a stipulation where the match was a technical match. MVP broke the stip and was DQ’d for punching Swagger. Swagger put MVP in the Ankle Lock after the match.

* SmackDown ends next week with The Undertaker cutting a promo. Taker said his brother Kane had big trouble coming his way.

  • lizsummer

    john cena will kick there butts and retain the wwe title
    U CAN’T C ME randy orton is going to hit shameus with an RKO

  • lizsummer

    undertaker will make kane rest in piece

  • Jay Veatch

    @ALHOW: They know what to do with him; He’s feuding with MVP. That’s what they know.

    @charlemange: How was he in the main event in the first place is a better question. He literally appeared there overnight and never beat anyone anyway (sans one fluke win over Randy Orton))

    @me: From the looks of your comments: you never watch SmackDown! anyway, so why do you complain all the time?

  • titan951

    This is y I haven’t watched smackdown in over a year the talent sux with the exception of a few

  • charlemange

    wow how do you go frommain event to mayches with jobbers maybe del rio should defeat smackdown stars ( masters jtg chavo mvp ) to build him as a star when was the last time a jobber won a match at least let us think who will win

  • brian

    the taker kane thing was kool was there was the best thing of the night

  • RAMSES 2



    Looks like this Smackdown won’t be worth watching, as usual


    Yea not very interesting, looks like swagger now has a mini fued with MVP. Obviously they don’t know what to do with him now.

  • me

    yep sure does smells like it to

  • me

    sounds utterly shiite