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Spoilers: WWE’s 2012 Tribute to The Troops Tapings Results

– Thanks to Donald Keimig for the following WWE Tribute to the Troops spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Norfolk, Virginia:

* Lillian Garcia opened the show with the National Anthem

* Kid Rock did a set of 5 songs.

* Michael Cole and JBL are the announce team and Justin Roberts is the ring announcer.

* Sheamus and Randy Orton team up against Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show. Orton and Sheamus are the winners. Randy hits RKO on Big Show followed by a Brogue Kick from Sheamus.

* Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio is up next. Ryback wins via disqualification with interference from Ricardo Rodriguez. Ryback hits Shellshocked on both.

* Kane, Daniel Bryan and R-Truth vs Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Team Hell No and R-Truth win when R-Truth hit his finisher on Heath Slater.

* Miz TV with the The Muppets is next. The Miz wants to know if Kermit truly loves Ms. Piggy. Damien Sandow interrupts and Miz challenges him.

* The Miz vs. Damien Sandow. Miz wins with roll up.

* Layla vs. Eve Torres non title match. Layla wins with her kick to the head.

* Primo, Epico, Tensai and David Otunga vs. Brodus Clay, Sin Cara, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle. The faces win with Hornswoggle’s tadpole splash.

* Flo-Rida next with 4 songs.

* John Cena vs. Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match for the main event. Cena wins with the Attitude Adjustment.

* At the conclusion, all the Superstars came on stage while Cena thanked the Military for their service. Santa Claus came out in a sleigh with Superstars dressed as reindeer. The Usos, Zack Ryder, PTP, Santino Marella, Justin Gabriel and Yoshi Tatsu were reindeer. I think Mick Foley was Santa but I couldn’t tell from where I was seated. Triple H was present but only made an appearance at the conclusion. I saw John Laurinaitis, Dean Malenko, Road Dogg, Micheal Hayes during the conclusion as well. Other superstars at the conclusion were AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Ted DiBiase, Alicia Fox and others.

  • Tombstone

    @Daniel–You are one sorry ass pathetic little Motherfucker.

    @Ajd—-So I guess your saying that for all the years they have been away from home fighting for our freedom that they dont deserve a tribute show? Screw you!

  • Judge

    So basically since TLC is Sunday and this isn’t airing until the 19th, we learn that Csaro kept his title at TLC. If Cena didnt come out with briefcase and Big Show came out with title on then ya, theres that as well. Anyone got confirmation on those that was there?

  • Daniel

    fuck the troops, they are nothing but legal murderers

  • Ajd

    This is a waste of time now…since the troops are on the way home. It was cool at first but damn it man, the war is over!!

  • hf part two

    No Shiled? what the heck!

  • at least punk doesn’t drop the belt to a repackaged “G.I. Ryback Lane.” (or, G.I.R.L.) with a backwards L for his new last name.

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^^^^ Hello there disgusted (man what a strange name).

    I happen to like Kid Rock. I’m sure most of the troops like Kid Rock. He interacts with them before and after the show. He has alot of respect for the military I have been told.


    Why would they put those troops through the vile torture of having to sit through and listen to a Kid Rock set? I’m disgusted.

  • Scratches Head

    All faces win. Predictable and lame.

  • which will lead to low ratings….. Just Saying!

  • I know it’s for the troops and all but I don’t think all the faces should win, that makes the card boring and predictable.

  • Cboz78

    If you are a heel and you are on the TTTT show, you have no chance of winning. lol

  • Jimbo

    Hornswoggle has won more matches this year than Jimmy and Jey Uso, and one less than Justin Gabriel. Stop the madness. Someone put Vince McMahon in a retirement home and let HHH and Steph run the damn company.

  • Diesel

    Wait Cena beat Cesaro??? THERE’S a shocker… *sarcasm*

  • StudDog

    Could not be there this time. Currently stationed at Parris Island.(My home state) Bet the atmosphere was awesome at this show. Thanks WWE for all you do. The tribute show every year is so appreciated and looked forward to by all branches of the millitary.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Cropsy

    kid rock still does ‘music’?