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Sports Crowd Responsible for Daniel Bryan Turning Back?, Backstage News on His Wyatt Family Run

– When WWE first had Daniel Bryan join The Wyatt Family on RAW a few weeks back, they had two matches lined up for him at WrestleMania XXX – one that would see him still a member of the group and one that would have had him back to being a babyface. There was no real solid plan on turning Bryan back babyface but it was not supposed to happen just two weeks later, like they ended up doing.

The idea was that Bryan would either turn back at Elimination Chamber, setting up Bryan vs. Bray at WrestleMania XXX, or he would turn at WrestleMania after coming out for a tag match with Wyatt. This would have guaranteed the big babyface reaction at WrestleMania.

Word within WWE is that the company was “100% fully embarrassed” by the footage of the Michigan State crowd all chanting “yes!” in unison. The footage ended up everywhere online and on TV shows, with Bryan and WWE getting a mention. WWE wanted to run with the Daniel Wyatt storyline but, “when you have a whole college arena doing “yes!” chants and most likely others will, plus NFL stars in the post-season doing it,” WWE felt they had no choice but to hurry and turn Bryan back on RAW.


  • Ray Myer

    So the WWE turn him back because of the crowd and yet refused to give him the World Title even though the crowd wanted the same thing? Hypocritical, much?

  • horry

    Its funny that WWE and Bryan get credit for the “Yes!” chant. I’m almost positive its been going on forever. And even before Bryan started, Diego Sanchez in UFC was doing it before his fights.

  • bsavage

    i was at that Michigan state game. i was thinking too bad they just turned him heel. Great moment tho for us spartans!

  • Matthew Farrell

    Bryan’s burial = FAIL


    Daniel bryan is the most over dude in wwe right now