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Stacy Keibler Reportedly Considering A One Night Only Return To WWE For A Hefty Payoff

Stacy Keibler would consider a one night only return to WWE for a hefty payoff, according to this week’s issue of the National Enquirer.

The former WWE Diva, who turns 34-years-old later this month, is solely interested in returning to the sports-entertainment organization for financial reasons because she has refused to scale down on the luxurious lifestyle she became accustomed to while dating Hollywood heavyweight George Clooney.

“Stacy is considering making a one-time appearance on the wrestling circuit,” a friend of Keibler’s told the publication. “But it’s got to be a cash-heavy offer. She would like the dough.”

“Since they split, Stacy’s had to give up a lot,” said the source.

“But she still buys the best of everything and splashes out big bucks every week at the spa. She has two trainers, a health coach and a private chef.

“She estimates she needs over $50,000 a month to support her current lifestyle. A million-dollar appearance fee would cover her ex­penses for a year and leave enough left over for her to make a serious investment in something.”

In 2009, the former Diva had her management team approach WWE about guest hosting an episode of Raw, but never heard anything back. She revealed in an interview that year with The Baltimore Sun, “No one has contacted me. I actually had my management contact them, and nobody ever got back to us [laughs]. So I guess they’re not interested.”

Since then, there have numerous rumors of Keibler returning to the organization. More recently, The Sun alleged in July that she was looking to return to the ring. WWE, however, denied the rumor, informing some online wrestling news outlets that organization officials were not speaking to her.

To read the Enquirer‘s story, click here.

  • Matthew Farrell

    If this is true, then what a stuck up **** theres people out there struggling to get by and she has to live the high life. Shell never make it in hollywood and I doubt wwe will pay her that much, and she cant live off clooney anymore so it looks like shes **** outta luck. But hey tna might be dumb enough to pay her a miilion.

  • Skip Becker

    It sounds like one of her friends, or someone from the National Enquirer made this crap up. I seriously doubt everything about this story. Tabloid garbage at it’s finest.

  • Solid

    The only way stacy will get a million dollars from anyone is if she picks up the phone and calls hugh hefner, and even that’s a maybe.

  • Jesse

    Vince doesn’t even pay that much to people who actually draw. And Stacy Kiebler will not draw any additional fans (at least not enough to justify a million bucks). Is she delusional or something?

  • chronoxiong

    Hell no to this. She thinks she deserves that much money for a one-time appearance? This lifestyle of hers has really gotten into her head now.

  • JohnCena33

    Stupid rich b****. How about trying to live on 50k a year and not a month.

  • Will Henderson

    if she’s gonna get paid that much for a one night only return might as well have AJ Lee kick her ass just for the hell of it.

  • the v

    Souns like the `high life` has got to her head. If she gets a segment on tv, i promise you i will change the channel til its over. Not intersted in seeing her at all. I would much rather see Sunny return for a night just for shit stirs and giggles, seriously.

  • xXx

    a million dollars for one night? uh.. -insert daniel bryan NO sound byte-