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Stacy Keibler Skips Friend Gail Kim’s Wedding, Lashley Addresses Wrestling Return

The New York Post has published an article on Stacy Keibler skipping the wedding of longtime friend Gail Kim and the Food Network’s Robert Irvine to attend George Clooney’s fund-raiser for United States President Obama.

The former WWE Diva missed out on the nuptials at the Charles Krug Wintery in Napa, California, on Thursday to instead be at Clooney’s big $40,000-a-head Obama gig also attended by Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jack Black.

Newark Patch has published an article on Big Time Wrestling’s BTW SuperShow 2012 event last Saturday featuring former WWE Superstars Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters, Daivari and Matt Hardy. Lashley, who defeated Masters in the main event, explained why he competes at independent wrestling events.

“I was an amateur wrestler and I wrestled for several years so I still paid my dues with amateur wrestling for 20 years before getting into the pro wrestling… [WWE] saw me. They thought that I had a good look, which I do!” Lashley said. “If [independent wrestling groups] need a little boost and bring in some names so be it. I think it’s a great idea, an awesome opportunity, and I’m going to try to do as many [independent shows] as I can.”

  • Buttercastle

    Honestly I’d rather hang out with celebs like that than go to her wedding. Hell I’d miss my own wedding to chill with Robert Downey Jr and Jack Black.

  • Jon

    Really doesn’t surprise me about Stacy. Ever since DTWS I think she could care less about where she came from than her current stardom and dating George. Stacy is problary the worse transition wrestling to Hollywood in history.

  • F BOMB

    @reverse prince albert i get it now if u aint in the wwe then you aint worth nothing?! you diss everybody who isnt in the wwe

  • reverse prince albert

    Gail is shit…
    Bobby is worse

  • scooter

    before I read this I honestly thought it would be a case of Stacey once again thinking she’s bigger than wrestling and wanting nothing to do with anyone involved but thats actually a pretty fair excuse.