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The Bizarre Debut of Cody Rhodes’ Stardust

Enjoy your nightmares tonight… courtesy of STARDUST!


  • D2K

    Somebody on the board said it but the funniest comment I’ve heard is that Dusty Rhodes should change his name to ‘Crop Dust’ and manage them. XD

  • Mike Wells

    I said they should do this ages ago! Didn’t suggest the StarDust name though, although I think it works. I thought GoldCode would have worked well (Dustin = GoldDUST so Cody = GoldCODE). It’s a gimmick. It works well. Won’t last forever but it will be a fun ride.

    I also suggested that down the line, they will both drop the gimmick and become Cody and Dustin as a traditional heel tag team before splitting and feuding against each other.

  • Claud3Giroux

    Best thing going for him since Rey Mysterio kneed him in the face. Cody is a great wrestler just like his brother and needed something like this. Haters can hate, but I hope it gets even more outlandish than Goldust did in the 90’s!!

  • adam

    poor sandow and cody wwe is really trying to destroy both of them

  • rabid

    Sad as it is… it will get over

  • ddfindl

    I cringed when I saw this LOL