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Stars from RAW in the Rumble, Tonight’s RAW Dark Match and More

– James Roday & Dule Hill of USA Network’s Psych show will be the host of next week’s RAW. It’s also believed that Bret Hart will finally make his return on next week’s show.

– The dark match before tonight’s RAW saw WWE developmental talent Skip Sheffield defeat Chavo Guerrero. Sheffield uses a cowboy gimmick and cut a promo on being from the South. He got the crowd to chant “yip yip yip” with him.

– It was announced on tonight’s RAW that Jack Swagger, The Miz, MVP, Kofi Kingston, John Cena, Big Show, Triple H and Shawn Michaels will all be in the 30-man Royal Rumble match at the pay-per-view in two weeks.

  • Noir


    TNA did tv tapings last night where in the main event they copy the montreal screwjob exactly even using hebner as the ref.

  • IMP Master

    haha guys u no wot da real problem is dnt ya all main talet is in tna an the wwe has da better writers really an dis is cummin from a huge wwe fan but in da end im a bigger wrestling fan than anything wud b great 2 get sumfing more solid on raw tho

  • Buddy

    of COURSE TNA is copying – they’ve got Vince Russo, who can’t get a good original idea if his life depended on it!


    i miss the 90`s… and the first 4 years of the 200`s….

  • Ray

    I cant believe a couple of you guys is still defending and watching this crap that the WWE is putting on TV. It is straight trash. Sports Entertainment is finished.

  • Jason

    i doubt you know what the montreal screwjob actually was if you think what happened at genesis was anything like it, it was a regular heel interferenece leading to a heel turn.

    however yes TNA does copy alot and does suck hard.

    but raw sucks ALMOST as bad, the guest host thing is destroying raw, as is the midget, triple h, the stupid lame attempts at comedy segments that do not work, and only having 25 minutes of wrestling in a 2 hour show.

  • Proud WWE Fan

    hey whatever atleast WWE aint bringing in old washed up has beens from the past & copying stuff from another promotion like ***coughs WCW V2 coughs i mean TNA*** did tonight by copying off the Montreal Screw Job…

  • Wes

    Did you guys see HBK and HHH cursing toward the end of Raw when Cena came out? It looked to me like they were pissed. Didn’t looked like that was in the script.

  • Ray

    Indeed it is a curse. God they need to upgrade RAW!

  • Mannul

    Thanks for another comedy act for a main event RAW. And yet I still tune in each week even though it isn’t what it used to be……