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Former Star’s Work on WWE TE This Week, WWE Talent Wearing a Mask, Jericho

– Chris Jericho was in England Friday for the Royal Wedding. He wrote: “The Royal Wedding is insane! Just did the chicken dance w the original Fergie, Beckham, Sharon Osbourne and Gareth from The Office….”

– Bo Rotunda, brother to Husky Harris, has been wrestling in FCW under a mask with the name Mr. Florida.

– As noted before, Rey Mysterio will be featured on this coming Monday’s WWE Tough Enough. Also being featured will be Chuck Palumbo’s custom motorcycles from his CP Kustoms company. We noted a few months back that Palumbo was at the Tough Enough mansion and now we know why. Palumbo has made bikes for Rey Mysterio in the past.

  • JK Thunder

    Chris “Y2J” Irvine was indeed at the royal wedding. His face was shown at 5:36am EST.

  • CC

    I wish this site would stop referring to dev talent as WWE talent as its highly misleading. While WWE owns FCW, it does not mean that the people on it are WWE talent. At best they are WWE developmental talent.

    It annoys me when the title is WWE talent released, and it turns out to be some guy nobody has heard of.

  • SusyRko

    Jericho was kidding, this guy belived that he actually was at the wedding haha

  • Gary

    ^ why? i have a friend who rides a harley and he is shorter then rey rey, only difference is where the “pedals” are

  • venom

    That must be a small bike.

  • The Great One

    @Simon, they arent into ‘wrestling’ they are into….. SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT lol God I hate Vince

  • Simon

    Jericho was at the royal wedding…? Hah. Whod have thought it. Never would have guessed the royals were into wrestling.