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Statement from Flair Rep, Update on TNA Using the Six-Sided Ring & More

– Former TNA star Jay Lethal will pay a special tribute to Randy Savage at the Millennium Wrestling Federation Night of Champions event in Bridgeport, CT on Saturday, June 4th. Also booked for that night is Paul Bearer and Shelton Benjamin.

– Melinda Morris Zanoni of the Legacy Talent and Entertainment agency which represents Ric Flair, issued the following statement regarding Ric Flair’s latest legal troubles that we posted on earlier this week:

“This conditional Order is in respect of a Settlement Agreement pursuant to which Mr. Flair has until June 27, 2011 to comply, which he fully intends to do. This civil Order is not, and should in no way be construed as, Mr. Flair now being subject to arrest.”

– Stan sent word that there was 22 minutes and 56 seconds of in-ring action on this past Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, up from 20 minutes and 59 seconds on the previous week’s show.

– Jeremy Borash has confirmed that the six-sided ring will be returning to TNA for one night only – at the Destination X pay-per-view next month.



  • dan

    6 sided ring is gay just like tna

  • Derp

    All I know is they’ve sucked since they went 4 sides.

  • !?

    I always thought that the six sided ring was too gimmicky, even back in its glory years.

  • CC

    @Jushin Liger. What the fuck are you talking about? Just because someone doesnt like the stupid gimmicky six sided ring, that makes them WWE fanboys? With a name like you choose to use, I thought you would know that the four sided ring isnt specific to WWE meaning that more people in this world probably like four sided rings than just WWE fans.
    The simple fact is the six sided ring is a shitty gimmick and adds fuck all to the product, and in fact, probably takes away from it as someone said above, it takes away from the flow of matches.

    And anyway, not liking a six sided ring does not mean people are not TNA fans, it just means they dont like six sided rings.
    You and Myers seem to be saying that if you dont like one individual part of a thing, then you dont like the whole thing.
    If someone says they dont like John Cena, does that mean they dont like WWE? If someone says they dont like Taz, does that mean they dont like commentary?

    Now, if I pointed out that TNA are all talk and no action, then that might lead you to believe I dont like TNA.
    Here they are hyping themselves up as being more about wrestling than WWE, yet still have less wrestling in their 2 hour show than NXT and Superstars both have in their 1 hour.

    Theres lots of stuff I dislike about WWE, but overall its still the better product, and still has more wrestling on its shows than TNA has … fact!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I’m not a TNA fan but I’m going to find a stream of this ppv. The 6 sided ring made them stand out in the wrestling company, nice to see them hopefully having the spotlight on the X-Divison again.

  • Treg

    lol, 2 minutes.

  • Jushin liger

    @ Jon-Jon: You are Completely correct.Both R.J. and Myers Can’t be TNA Fans if they don’t like the 6 sided ring.It is truely what set TNA apart from other wrestling promotions.I am guessing they are just some more WWE fanboys who got lost on there way to there section lol j/k.As for 6 sides disrupting the flow, I don’t see it.These guys are professional wrestlers and they should/will go in and practice in the ring until they get use to it.I always loved the 6 sided ring and i hope they bring it back for good.

  • RJ

    6 sided ring is dumb, ther matches just dont flow like they should and its seems like a bother for the wrestlers to work with.

  • @ Myers

    You clearly aren’t a true TNA fan..

  • Myers

    Glad it’s just for one night, I know what ppv I am skipping lol.

  • shawn

    1 night only, i knew it.
    we already know flair was hauled off for contempt, its hard to look good when THAT happens.

  • Ronald

    Wrestling Matters.


  • Sam Peters

    i think they will do this to see what reaction the crowd will have and how the matches go…if they go well i could see them bringing back the 6 sides