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Statements from WWE and Jerry Lawler’s Girlfriend, Heart Attack Confirmed

– The following statement was sent to us via Facebook from Jerry Lawler’s girlfriend Lauryn McBride:

“Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It has been confirmed that Jerry did have a heart attack…he is in stable condition and breathing on his own & heart is stable. I’m getting on the first flight out of here to be with him & will keep everyone posted. He is a strong man and we will get him back at his best as soon as I can get him home! I love you so so much baby!!”

– A representative for WWE released the following statement to TMZ last night regarding Jerry Lawler:

“Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler suffered a heart attack while commentating during Monday night’s broadcast of ‘Monday Night Raw’ in Montreal. We are hopeful Jerry makes a full recovery and returns to WWE in the near future. Our thoughts are with Jerry and his family.”

  • Jim

    Jerry will be praying for your recovery, We have watched you preform for a long time, I remember the annoncers were Lance [banana nose ] Russell, Dave Brown, and when the Fargo strut soon become, the Nature boys strut Rick Flare, we love ya King. Jim & Kathy Atkinson

  • Sym shut the fuk up

    Yofits u pathetic troll stfu and kick rocks

  • adam

    @keith. Yes anyone can have one but the risk is alot more for the older wrestlers. Even if there in good condition being older and having that strain on your body is really risky.

  • mtlhitman

    Wrestling as lost too many good wrestlers and legend this would have suck big time good to see is doing better !

  • George

    Our prayers are sent to the good Lord on behalf of our friend Jerry. We sometimes forget these are people first before they are entertainers. Hang in there Jerry and get well soon.

  • Apacaveli

    Pull Through Get Well Soon Jerry The King Lawler…..

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yo, Adam, Dude…

    Jerry gets into the ring because he can. Not because WWE tells him to.

    He wrestled a full weekend of independent shows before RAW this week, so have some respect. Even someone perfectly healthy can have a heart attack. Hell, MVP nearly had one at one point, because it turned out his heart wasn’t beating quite properly.

  • adam

    Hopefully he gets well soon. This proves though that the wwe should stop putting him in the ring and in these storylines just let him announce. Its also a little warning to the guys like hogan flair and sting stay out of the ring until you are carriedo out on a stretcher.