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Steamboat Update, New SmackDown Diva, Batista’s Training & More

– Jim Ross wrote the following update regarding Ricky Steamboat on his Twitter page: “Steamboat out of ICU & should be released from Tampa hospital in a few days. Should be good 2 go in a month.”

– Tuesday’s episode of WWE NXT on SyFy scored an 0.83 cable rating with 1,128,000 viewers.

– A video package will air on tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown that introduces a new WWE Diva to the main roster. It’s speculated that the new Diva is WWE developmental talent AJ Lee. Lee was on the road with WWE a few weeks back.

– Batista is currently training with Cesar Gracie’s team out in California to determine if he wants to further a career in MMA. People at the training facility really liked Batista and feel that if he dedicates himself, he might do well because of his strength and athleticism.

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  • Chuck Norris

    Ha, such naive kids, why don’t you look up the Batista Crump Workout video on YouTube, that’s some athleticism and training.

  • He got a BACYCLE

    Hr you are a moron, when you grow up why don’t u puff puff and stfu…

  • Truthiness

    Since when did Batista have athleticism? He is one of the stiffest looking wrestlers I’ve ever seen. That entire quote is crap.

  • ThaNooch

    I’ve never ordered a UFC PPV but if Batista ever faces Brock Lesner, I will pay whatever it costs to see Batista get hit with cold, ego-shattering reality in the form of a humiliting, decisive beatdown.

  • Paul123

    yea i didnt see anything either. hmmm…

  • mannul

    i didn’t see any video package on smackdown for her,just for that guy alberto del rio….who isn’t going to last it seeems like.

  • HR

    Perfect camp for Batista. The same camp responsible for the melee on national television. I cannot wait for all the drug tests he is going to fail because of the Diaz brothers saying “puff, puff, pass!”

  • krons2000


  • lamar williams

    Bout time a New Diva has come 2 SMACKDOWN and SHE CAN ACTUALLY WRESTLE. I hope the WWE doesn’t screw her over like they do the real skilled female wrestler.

  • venom

    Batista has athleticim because of needles.

  • The Pako

    Batista might do well because of his ATHLETICISM!
    He has no athleticism 😛

  • Paul123

    yes!! finally another diva on smackdown. i hope it is aj lee. she is a great wrestler. also, i hope they use her as a face.