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Stephanie Being Called WWE Owner, Rey Mysterio Update, Kassius Ohno Sends a Message

– Kassius Ohno will return to action on this week’s episode of WWE NXT. He sent a message to Luke Harper:

– Rey Mysterio noted on Twitter that he’s headed to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando today. He tweeted:

“Very anxious and excited to get back in the ring!”

– As seen on RAW, WWE recently started introducing Stephanie McMahon as “WWE Owner.” This is being done to set up a future angle between Stephanie and Vince McMahon.

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  • Omar

    So in WWE universe selling your stock solidifies your position as the owner? Interesting.

  • Oh good. Because that’s what we all watch wrestling for, hoping to see matches between the McMahon family.

  • oppa

    That is true. She has slowly been selling off her stock for a while. Between that and Shane stepping down as CEO of the company he was with in China, it lead to further speculations that he may come back to WWE. As far as I know, he never gave up any of his ownership of the company when he left, he just took himself off of the board of directors. While he probably won’t comeback anytime soon, it shouldn’t be a huge shock to anyone if Shane does “come home” and take over a large part of WWE.

  • StocktonJoe

    Or between her and her husband. That way you could bring Shane and Linda both into the angle.

    And didn’t Steph recently sell of a big block of her stock (presumably community property with her husband)?

  • oppa

    It would be more entertaining if it was being done to set up an angle between her and Shane McMahon.