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Stephanie Levesque Asked About WWE Return; Talks HHH, Losing Baby Fat & More recently spoke with WWE’s Stephanie McMahon Levesque about losing weight and getting back into shape after giving birth to her kids.

In the interview, Stephanie noted that she legally had her middle name changed to McMahon and there is no hyphen in her last name. Stephanie also said that she doesn’t see her and Triple H having anymore kids.

Here are some highlights:

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome? Explain.

From a body standpoint? Losing the baby fat-weight after having each of my children. I think normal weight gain is 35 lbs, I saw fit to double that. I’m the type of person that always has to eat right to be lean, so when I was pregnant the gloves were off and I ate like a champ! We’re talking a minimum of 4 pop tarts every morning with eggs and a glass of milk as a staple…

Favorite Quote:

This isn’t necessarily my favorite quote, it’s just the one that is coming to mind, “Learn to eat shit and like the taste” a life lesson by my dad, Vince McMahon.

You’re the daughter of WWE Head Honcho Vince McMahon. What was it like growing up in a wrestling family? Was your dad always big into working out?

It’s hard to say what life was like growing up as “Vince McMahon’s daughter”. I would watch my dad on Saturday mornings do interviews and I’d watch him commentate with Jesse Ventura on Saturday Night’s Main Events. It was just what my dad did; I didn’t look at it as anything unusual. It wasn’t until I was a little older and the other kids tried to make fun of me that I realized my situation was a little different (I actually kicked a kid in the shins for saying wrestling was fake!). My Dad was always big into working out; he’s the one who got me turned on to the gym. He was so intense and trained so hard, it looked like fun!

How did you meet your husband, WWE Superstar Triple H? Was it love at first site?

We were married on TV as a fictional couple and life just imitated art…It wasn’t love at first site, but I bet you could call it chemistry at first site. I have never been more attracted to anyone in my entire life! He would just look at me and I would blush; still happens to this day actually…

Now that you’re in spectacular shape again, will we see you mixing it up in the WWE ring in the near future?

Anything can happen in the WWE!

  • Wellsy


    No, one idiot just can’t comprehend what has actually been said (that’s you, in case you’re not following).

    The fact that you think him saying “eat shit” means they aren’t eating well shows that you’ve basically got a chip on your shoulder about anyone that has been successful in life and are looking for anything to shoot then down.

    As I said above, “eat shit” means quite the opposite. Vince is a body builder nut. He wants the biggest wrestlers and the slimmest divas. To get that way, you’ve got to eat the right things, and the right things more often than not taste like shit (hence the Western world’s obesity problem as they’d rather eat nice tasting food!). “Learn to eat shit and like the taste” was most likely preceded with “If you want a good body…”

    But you can think it means they don’t eat well compared to the rest of the world if it makes you feel better about yourself, but you’d just be ridiculously way off the mark. The world is a happier place when you take that chip off your shoulder.

  • Max

    21 idiots are obviously children of rich people

  • Wellsy

    “Learn to eat shit and like the taste” I’d suggest is to do with diet, considering the fact that Vince is into his body building and the crap they’ve got to eat to get that body in the main tastes like shit. It’s pretty good advice.

  • venom

    Stephanie should come back and take over Smackdown. Make Teddy Long a referee again.

  • Mr.Popper

    I think triple H has to small of a dick to even fit into stephanie’s small busshy ass pussy and even if he managed to do that the baby would be a blonde fat assed druggy

  • cheesehandler

    @heyfit……it was in the ass….hahaa….dont believe me, listen to her interview on howard stern

  • Bill

    Here’s what I’m wondering. During the summer, she returned several times & told Punk that “you’ll get what’s coming”. Then she left. What the hell was she talking about? And why would WWE drop the HHH/Punk/possible nWo or Corporation/Cena/Steph angle?!?!?

  • Mojojojo

    “Learn to eat shit and like the taste”

    Yep, can’t think of too many men who would tell that to their daughter, but Vince is at the top of the list.

  • Ron Damon

    I’d still hit that.

  • Jeffro

    Is this a Rxmuscle for real? Love at first “site” where the hell do people find writers for these websites???

  • JIR

    @Max proverbial shit not actual shit meaning people are going to talk bad about you or say mean things to you but learn to take it in and make yourself better from it. but why not feed the hungry rich folks why the F not?

  • Max

    “Learn to eat shit and like the taste” a life lesson by my dad, Vince McMahon.”

    Yeah… Because the daughter of a millionaire definitely knows what it’s like to eat shit in life… How about starving to death like many children do in many poor countries?

  • Hasan

    2nd Jan pl0x kthxbai !

  • Mark

    Unlike her dad, I always did like stephanie.