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Stephanie McMahon Featured In Magazine, J.R. Explains Why Chris Jericho Cried

— Stephanie McMahon is profiled in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which says “offers a compelling look at the hard work it takes being one of the most powerful and tireless women in entertainment.”

Regarding the piece, writes: “WWE’s Executive Vice President of Creative allowed the weekly magazine into her life for a jam-packed 14-hour workday. From dropping two of her daughters off at school with her husband, Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H, to discussing Sundance Film Festival plans with WWE Studios execs, to revealing what she and her father, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, discuss during one-on-one meetings, McMahon gives readers a fascinating peek into a typical busy Wednesday at her Stamford, Conn.-based office.”

McMahon is featured in the “What Did You Do Today?” section of the January, 20, 2012 issue of Entertainment Weekly, which is currently on newsstands.

— On Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Chris Jericho was overwhelmed with emotion and left the arena speechless. Jim Ross explained on Twitter why Jericho cried on Raw.

“To get you to NOT like him!” he wrote.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    the woman behind the jericho return is stephanie mcmahon. SHE HAS SPOKEN refers to her i think.
    CM punk has disrespected stephanie over and over again as well as the mcmahon family and i think stephanie has gone out and recruited chris as her saviour….(storyline, of course)
    the night cm punk and jericho finally have their interaction will be classic to say the least.

  • No1coleminer

    well i personally have always liked heels and until the wwe gives us what we want, we rebel 🙂 love the heels, cheer their “bad guy spots” and boo the asses of the faces. then wwe may realise they cannot keep giving us the same regurgitated characters.

    hell the fans are becoming more original than the damn writers at the moment. i dont want Y2J return to be ruined, but come on, how the hell are we suppose to hate him when wev been crying for him for long time now and especially whilst the product is as dire as it is

  • Albert

    Whats with the guy writing an essay?? Does he really think anyone would read all that? lol

  • MJ

    You guys do realize that cheering the heel turn them into faces right?

    Look at orton, look at sheamus, you all have done this before and ruined them! Now look at y2j he’s a heel that wont do anything unless you boo his ass! Stop doing this shit otherwise your going to see wade barrett, and all the other good heels turn into horrible smiling chessy babyfaces

  • Sammo

    “you’re” = “you are”

  • KGM Da Master

    Blah stop copying and pasting. Fuck The Undertaker, Y2J and Kane! KURT ANGLE! ImPact doesnt deserve Angle; he says WWE doesnt respect his talent, neither does ImPact…nuff said!

  • True money

    ^ good to know….. I think

  • venom


    It’s his actions that make him a heel. Cena gets booed all the time and he’s a face. It’s okay to cheer for a heel because somebody like Jericho people have respect for.

  • BlaH

    The Undertaker is the Deadman of the WWE. Undeniable legend in Pro Wrestling and regarded as one of the most brilliant characters in the history of Sports Entertainment. A defining characteristic of Undertaker is he ability to bounce back from adversity, his ability to ‘come back from the dead’ countless times to reign vengeance upon his foes. As a man the Undertaker has been legitimately injured numerous times in his phenomenal career, and it never prevented him from being one of the best performers in the business.
    The Undertaker has earned a rare status as a ‘featured performer’ who due to his almost 30 years of in-ring action, has to choose his nect few matches wisely. The Deadman performed in the ring just once last year, in one of the best matches of the year against Triple H at Wrestlemania 27. Mortality haunted the mythic Undertaker after he kept ‘the Streak’ alive, when he was dragged out of the Georgia Dome on a stretcher. Before that match ‘Taker had been away from in ring since Wrestlemania 26. The man is picking his spots wisely to further his career.

    Here are some of the notable injuries that ‘Taker has overcome.

    Back : The Undertaker took one his first extended hiatus in 1994, after he was defeated in a Casket Match at the Royal Rumble. The sumo giant Yokozuna with helpt from 10 WWE villains beat the Phenom into the casket. The Undertaker’s image appeared on the titantron and his body rose to the ceiling of the arena. In actuality, ‘Taker was recouping from a nagging back injury a common injury amongst veteran stars. Back injuries have effected the careers of many wrestlers including Shawn Michaels and JBL. ant Yokozuna with 10 WWE villains


    Facial injuries: At different stages in his WWE career, Undertaker’s creepy face has been wounded. In 1995, Mabel legitmately broke Undertaker’s cheek bone. The injury was a staged portion of the performance, yet the injury became real, forcing Undertaker to wear a grey protective mask that resembled the Phantom of the Opera. After became called back into active duty in 2010, The Undertaker was injured in his first match back on Smackdown. Near the conclusion of the match with Rey Mysterio, ‘Taker had an orbital bone broken around one of his eyes.
    Hip :  In 2009 after stealing the show with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25 in Houston, ‘Taker underwent a minor hip surgery. Though it was considered ‘minor’, hip injuries are considered to be  telling sign of a pro athlete entering the twilight of their careers. Hip injuries in Pro Football are considered to be career ending. The Deadman is no linebacker, he was back in action before WM26 capturing the World Heavyweight Championship only to have Shawn Michaels cost him the title at Elimination Chamber. This attack set the stage for their epic rematch which ended Michael’s career.

    Burns: At the Elimination Chamber 2009 Pay Per View during his mythic entrance, the Undertaker was burned by a pyrotechnic display. The scene was a scary one with the ‘Taker breaking character, whipping off his long trench coat, and running down the ramp to the Chamber. Fortunately, the reigning World Champion at the time suffered minor burns and was pouring water on himself during the match to deal with with burns. Undertaker still competed in the match that night. 

    Shoulder : In November 2010 while healing from Wrestlemania 26, ‘Taker underwent exams for his shoulder. The injury was severe to the point, that it could be surgically repaired and he reportedly rehabbed the injury to point where he could perform. This shoulder issue is said to be one of the major reasons why Undertaker was put on ‘feature performer’ role where he is expected only compete annually at Wrestlemania to keep his legendary Streak alive.
    Besides the boo boos detailed above, the Undertaker has also endured a broken ankel, a torn groin, chest  muscle tear, and a sliced ear according to No matter it seems nothing can keep the Undertaker down for good, it’s why he is one of the best pro wreslers of all time.

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  • Whatever

    yeah, they want kane and Y2J as a heel but Y2J is just to good to be a heel at the moment and kane has his mask back and people like that.
    whatever they do, people will cheer them!

  • No1coleminer

    haha watch getting us to hate Y2J fail in epic style, if they do Y2J chant like with sexual choc, wwe have to think outside the box. wouldnt surprise me if they chant for Y2J over punk, i prefer Jericho for one and Y2J is cheered and punk booed? but story-lines now re good v bad could take weird turns if fans keep chanting wrong name lol

    maybe fans deciding to love the baddies and hate the heroes is how its gona go in arenas, i for one find it funny. would at least stop wwe giving us the same gimmicked clichéd baddies.

  • Effmenow

    When your the best wrestler in the world, everyone will like you.