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Stephanie McMahon Doing More Photo Shoots, Interview Scheduled Next Week

Stephanie McMahon will appear on Heavy Muscle Radio with Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto this Monday night at 8:00 p.m. to discuss her workout regime and growing up in a WWE family. The podcast will be available at

Palumbo, who helped McMahon get in the best shape of her life after giving birth to three children, stated on the forums that more photo shoots displaying her new trim figure are planned. Chris Zimmerman, who shot the McMahon workout pics, praised her kindness.

He wrote on, “When Dave asked me to shoot Stephanie and told me just what a genuinely nice person she was, I said sure…But still was not ready for how truly nice she was.

“I grew up watching her family. I guess shows like TMZ kinda brainwashed me that stars don’t want to be bothered by “us normal folk.”

  • JohnnyA

    Thx NNLA for the link

    Steph looks great!

  • roaddogg

    lol she would do fully nude pics shes married 😛

  • Matt

    yup, the workout pics are crazy, especially when they show you a side by side of her when she was pregnant also.

  • Joe W

    I posted the link on the comment thread but the brilliant people from wrestling edge took down. Just go to the RXmuscle link above and there are about 4-5 workout photos when you find em. I would post the link again but something tells me this post would be deleted again. Happy New Years all

  • adam tarasievich

    ya but i think the workout pictures are out somewere i am trying to find em currently awesome way to start the new year lol

  • joe

    the said pics havent been taken yet, it says in the article that they are planned

  • Effmenow

    Show us those tits Steph!

  • nnla
  • Rucdogg

    Where can I find said pics?

  • Ron Damon

    Alright! More fap material from Steph!