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Stephanie McMahon Wants To Put An End To Bullying, Update On Buff Bagwell

— WWE’s Executive Vice President of Creative Stephanie McMahon was joined by Sheamus, Mark Henry, Eve and Alberto Del Rio at a be a STAR Alliance rally Friday morning in the South Bronx as they stressed the importance of putting an end to bullying.

“It’s the most important initiative of WWE right now,” said Stephanie. “I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the be a STAR Alliance.” She then asked the pre-teens how many of them had been bullied; more than half of the crowd raised their hands.

“You’re not alone. That’s why WWE and The Creative Coalition have partnered together for the be a STAR initiative,” she said.

Full coverage from the event is available here.

— Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is at home recovering after being involved in a serious car accident last week while traveling near his hometown of Marietta, Georgia. Former WCW colleague Marc Mero wrote Friday on Facebook, “A Miracle! My friend and Pro wrestler Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is home and recovering from a near life ending accident. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers. I believe God has a greater purpose for his life. We are texting each other as he can’t talk right now due to his injuries. His wife Judy said he will have a full recovery! I can’t wait to see him again!”

  • chronoxiong

    She wants to stop bullying? She needs to tell her Dad to stop bullying JR on TV first.

  • yofits

    STAR initiative? I’d rather join the AVENGERS initiative and ty to get into Black Widow’s panties.

  • cenaWWE

    Like I’ve said b4 vince has to want the bullying to stop or stop w/ the bullying storylines before anyone will take their campaign seriously!!! WWE on runs promo vids for BAS when that show doesn’t have a bullying promo in ring or backstage. Vince you are a serious grape fruit squeezer. He doesn’t have the “Grapefruits” to man up and come on camera himself (screw the current story of him not in control) when he faked his death did he not reveal he was still alive by cancelling the show on the day we found out Chris Benoit was dead?

  • D.R. Azzle

    There is no bullying in WWE, just ask Josh Matthews. Haha. Everytime I’m asked a question I’m going to push someone around. (Btw YES I know it was planned/staged) but poor judgement for them being anti bully

  • SYM

    Man F*** Be a Star. Join The Transformers new Group to stopping Text and Driving, its Called…Be a Car.

  • voice of reason

    @ devil risin your spot on there

  • Unique

    Marc Mero… one has cared about what you have to say since Sable left your ass. And even then…….

  • xXx

    wow only one babyface with her.. that would stop bullying..

  • Devil_Rising

    If Steph wants to stop bullying, she should tell her dad to set a better example first….