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- JPA Entertainment will be releasing a new DVD on WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart this month. “Jimmy Hart: Keep on Rockin’” will focus on Hart’s music career. Here’s the trailer, courtesy of WrestlingDVDNews.com:

– Kassius Ohno posted a Tout video for his match with Luke Harper on next week’s episode of NXT:

– As noted, Stephanie McMahon was referred to as a wrestler in WWE’s latest 10-Q document. The booking agreement, dated October 7th, reveals Stephanie is now under contract as a WWE talent. She has signed a three-year deal with an annual salary of $325,000. It looks like Stephanie McMahon could be returning to the ring in the near future.

  • michael

    Funny cause Authority is already part of the business as one of the heads. So double pay?

  • Robert Mills

    I guess if she does wrestle it will be good for business.

  • millerj265

    I hope she does something that at least slightly justifies her over saturated salary.

  • rabid

    “Rock aka sellout” really it must pain u and anyone else terribly that a individual who is in a very physical profession and preforms in a business in which one mistake can lead to paralysis takes a opportunity to parlay his success and shift gears to extend his professional life and after leaving still has the respect for the business and the fans that made him to come back and put his career and life on the line again to entertain us… all that aside I wouldve prefered rock puck at wm

  • rabid

    What can ya say sometime the business world is like this.. perhaps she will be more physical than she was back in the day..

  • millerj265

    And if you look for it online you can see where even stone cold has said that acting was something he wanted to get into when he was finished wrestling, and during his hot run on top was offered some movie roles but Vince who had control over any outside projects his talent was offered turned it down in fear that Austin would do well and transition himself from wrestling into acting. Same thing happened with the rock, only difference is rock got out of the business before he suffered an injury like Steve did that took away his ability to choose when his career was over, and an injury that still causes him discomfort and pain to this very day. Rock did what everyone eventually does and that’s retire, he just made sure to do it while he was still able to live a mostly pain free remainder of his life, i cant understand how you can hate on someone for walking away from a profession that is notorious for causing life long pain and agony while he was still in good health. Would you be happier if he had stayed around long enough to now suffer from chronic pain caused by yrs of abusing his body. Not to mention the fact that had rock not left the company, a guy like John Cena may not have been given the opportunity to shine and carry the ball as the top guy in the company.

  • millerj265

    She nvr drew before when she wrestled, and AJ gets bigger pops then half the guys. And I don’t hate Steph, I just said in my last post that she deserves the money she gets for all the jobs she does in the wwe, and i think she is doing a fine job in her on screen role. What upsets me is the fact that she isn’t a trained wrestler, she nvr wanted to be a wrestler, and she’s making more money as a “wrestler” then more then half the roster that actually dreamed of this there whole life and worked hard to achieve it. And im not going to argue about the Rock with you anymore. The man did however EARN his spot on the roster and all the perks that come with busting your butt to be the best while making the wwe millions of dollars in the process. And just so were clear i was upset that rock took the title from punk, i didn’t like it, but from a business standpoint i understand why the wwe did it as Cena vs Rock for the title at mania was going to draw more money then punk vs either of them, and that’s the unfortunate truth.

  • JohnCena33

    But you sure are okay for The Rock aka sell out to walk right in, get five million dollars for a couple of appearances, takes away Punks title who worked so hard for his spot, and then just to leave again. Tell me why you hate Stephanie so much but yet defend rock every chance you get when they are both in the same situation?

    BTW, stephanie is the only diva active right now that will draw, so that explains her paycheck.

  • millerj265

    I don’t care if she wrestles that’s not my issue, my issue is her getting paid more to wrestle maybe 2 or 3 times a yr then the ppl on the roster who wrestle hundreds of times a yr and who trained there whole life’s to do so. How would you feel if you busted your butt for yrs to get your dream job, only to have the bosses daughter come in and get handed the job without working for it while also making twice the amount of money that you are. And yea she will have 2 other jobs, jobs that also pay probably 3 times more then almost everyone on the roster as well, but at least she has been training her whole life for those jobs and is actually qualified for those positions, so in that aspect she deserves the money, so why does she need to get handed a spot on the roster making more money then the guys and girls who actually worked hard to get those spots and earn that money. Im sure steph would be pretty upset if one of the guys from the roster just got handed a job that she does without earning it while simultaneously getting a higher salary at the same time.

  • JohnCena33

    Wow, no need to get upset that much. She will probably wrestle and handle backstage stuff plus promotional stuff, not that big of a deal to me, she has three jobs, the boss daughter so….

  • millerj265

    Ohno looks good, looks like he has dropped even more weight since his return a few weeks ago in his first match against harper. The match these two have will give a very good indication on whether or not the wwe is finally behind Ohno again, if its just another squash for harper, then I fear his time in wwe may have been a waste and that he will be future endeavored soon, but if it is actually a competitive, back and forth match with Ohno getting the win, or just barely being defeated, then that will be a very good indication that the wwe at least still has hope for him, and sees the immense amount of potential the man possesses. Either way I cant wait to see the match, and NXT in general, because for the most part its almost always more enjoyable then both raw and smackdown, and is usually the wrestling highlight of the week.

  • millerj265

    $325,000! seriously! That’s 25k shy of a mill by the time her deal is done. Id bet that’s more then every member of the roster, baring maybe 6 or 7 guys, makes in a yr, guys who actually bust there butts to be the best they possibly can be, and who risk there well being, and sacrifice time away from there family and friends in an attempt to reach a level where they can “EARN” that kind of money, not have it handed to them just because there last name is McMahon. WOW, im going to go out on a limb here and say there will be some seriously disgruntled and demoralized talent on the roster when this gets back to them, if of course it already hasn’t. Way to slap every member of your roster in the face wwe by giving someone who in all likelihood has never had any real desire to compete in the ring as a wrestler a contract worth more then the majority of the ppl who have dreamed of doing this there whole life’s, and for the most part busted there butts to make it to the wwe baring of course a few of the ppl on the roster who are just there because they were models, or played collage or pro football.

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