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Stephanie McMahon Speaks on Future Celebrities Who Might Be Hosting RAW

– In a Business Week interview that likens WWE’s new celebrity guest hosting gimmick to Saturday Night Live, Stephanie McMahon teases other celebrities WWE is hoping to get into the ring.

According to McMahon, potential guests include Freddie Prinze, Jr (the actor and former WWE Creative Team member who would plug the eighth season of “24,” which starts in January), Bob Barker (the famed former “Price is Right” host) and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Stephanie touted the show’s multiple promotional platforms–more than 5 million viewers each week for RAW, a website that does millions of impressions and the likelihood of garnering mainstream media attention as host–as beneficial for celebrities who wish to guest host RAW as a means of hyping their products.

Regarding the celebrities hosting RAW, USA’s Executive VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy Chris McCumber said this, “They have something to promote, and we have the platform that they need. Raw is like a male soap opera anyway. We’re just adding a little more entertainment.”

  • Vince’s Dad

    stop putting stupid celebrities. We need to see more people with attitude and power, who arent intimidated easily kinda like Shaq, Trump, and Letterman, also more WWE hall of famers such as Bobby the Brain Heenan, Stone Cold, and Ric Flair.

  • Jesse

    Ok, the list of people that could be better than these three. Adam Sandler or anybody from Funny People, Conan Obrien, David Letterman, Jay Leno. P.S. The price is wrooooong,,,,,, bitch.

  • nottingham

    Geez.. gotta love some of you spazes who mouth off like tough guys.

    Sorry that on a wrestling forum we happened to comment that we don’t like the product. Also, what good is it for WWE to draw people in who don’t watch wrestling with a guest host if the rest of the show is crap? If there isn’t anything exciting going on, then why would htey come back when that particular guest host isn’t there?

    Again, maybe i’m just getting a little too old for this stuff… But I agree again with Doug that this era reminds me of the useless one before attitude… It’s just so blah and dull that you can’t even remember an event. I mean honestly, the only things of note i remember from the past year was the HHH Orton feud because of them doing the reveal that HHH is married to Stephanie and the passion behind it… The other thing was Taker/Michaels… That’s it though.

    I really would like to know the age of some of you people who feel the need to say fuck you if you don’t like the product. First, to see just how immature you are, but also to see if you were old enough to be around wrestling when it was actually great! Not just in in-ring performances, but in storylines as well.

  • Doug

    I agree TNA has its flaws but is doing the best they can considering the resources they have and the fact they’ve only been running 7 years. Even the old ECW didn’t last that long. Its very easy for me not to watch these days, I do enjoy watching TNA but thats because I’m a huge Sting fan. This era of WWE reminds me of the time Diesel was champion and we had characters like Aldo Montoya and Mantaur. All the adults then did as you lot said switched off. Its pretty pathetic considering a wrestling show has to rely on celebrities to draw in ratings. Next week watch the ratings drop. I hear RAW was in Canada and Sergeant Slaughter is guest host. Genius move that!

  • Doug

    If you think the product WWE puts out is any good compared to what its capable of you must either be 10 or a retard. So much talent only one main heel on RAW. The brand extension is a joke, they change it when they feel like it. It may not bother children like yourselves but I can see the difference.

  • 6burgh

    i havent watched raw in 3 weeks. get rid of the guest host. i want to be entertain by wrestlers not someone i dont care about to promote their own crap.

  • Nate Deezel

    People will take every opportunity to bash WWE. Fuck you if you don’t like it. Watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. Or better yet, wait till Thursday and watch iMPACT! one week and see how good you have it on Monday nights.

  • jaybee

    I agree totally with what Alicia said. WWE is great tho I will admit Raw hasn’t been nearly as good as Smackdown, but with the new talent in bourne and swagger traded from ECW and HHH being out of the title picture things are looking up. And if youre not down with that you can just go watch that crap that TNA is putting on TV every week.

  • Alicia

    why does ever one bash wwe? the thing is, stop watching it if u hate it so bad. I mean Jesus Christ, if you like the stupid TNA show, go watch it and get on with ur life. I went and saw a TNA Show Live here in TN and u know what, there wasnt even 200 hundred people in the arena. I was freakin 3rd Row and had no one sitting behind me. And you all bash WWE because they have over 5 million Viewers for Raw, They are the best form of Entertainment in my eyes because i love this sport. Some of you are just freaking Rediculous

  • coast2coast

    Some of you guys are a little negative. What are you talking about? Jeremy Piven is awesome! Hello, entourage. And “the goods” is in no way a B level movie! Get in the know. Freddi Prinze has been nothing for a while, but he wants to promote ’24.’ That show is freaking awesome, and tons of people watch it. There are so many people I know who don’t even watch wrestling, but have been tuning in to see these hosts (especially, shaq and piven). What a bunch of whiners.

  • Yeah I Not Gonna FIght You Either

    I don’t know what to think about this whole deal anymore. I can’t help but think what in the world does Jeremy Piven and that funny asain guy have to do with wrestling. I mean why not use prime time slots to promote crappy B movies instead of thorwing in a solid 5 minute match to build guys. Like I don’t know Chris Masters. It’s getting sad watching these guys struggle.

  • double d

    they should get jenna jameson as the guest host. or ja rule or ricky martin or some shit.

  • nottingham

    Exactly Doug.. and to be clear… i never even purchase ppvs… I just go out to a bar or whatever, that now has about 1/3 of the crowd it used to get back in the attitude days.

    I also can’t agree more about the PPV thing with repetitive matches… Shit that should be playing out on Raw is stuff people have to pay 40 bucks for? Sorry, but it makes no sense to me. Occasionally, there should be a PPV match that needs a 2nd match for story reasons… And only in the greatest of rivalries should there be a 3rd… Yet we see it constantly. And many times with no clear cut resolution to the feud/story.

    I also just despise that Wrestlemania, while they claim everything different, is now nothing more then just another ppv with an extra hour. I mean all this talent on the roster, all this opportunity to build toward something, and we get matches that could just have easily been a No Mercy card.

    Sorry to rant.. but that is what kills me.. you have all the talent… and do less with it.

  • Doug

    I know what you mean nottingham about getting older and outgrowing wrestling. It just does not get me excited anymore. The PPVs (which I now NEVER purchase) have become more and more predictable and no longer value for money. You know you are going to see the same match regarding the title for 3-4 PPVs and one of them is going to end in DQ. Its like 80s wrestling except the characters aren’t new and we aint kids no more.

  • nottingham

    Wow! A guy who hasn’t been relevant in about 7 years (prinze) a ex game show host who your target audience either doesn’t remember or has a faint memory of (barker) and a race bater (Sharpton).

    Seriously… what is the point of this? WWE needs to start acting as if they had a strong competitor. Act ‘AS IF” each week you need to put a show on that people will be talking about the next day or your competitors would be steeling your ratings and sponsors.

    I get the need to be more kid friendly… but why not do a PG-13 show at least. This junk is just horrible.

    I don’t know if i’m just getting older and outgrown wrestling… or if the product is just horrid. I do know that I get closer and closer to not caring about watching it anymore and maybe only go out to catch one or two ppvs a year.

  • The Stunner

    Those 3 Potential guests, SUCK!

    Hurry Hurry Hurry! Come to WWE Raw and promote your crappy goods to 5 million people! Bore them to tears so badly that they turn the channel to Andy Griffith!! Come 1 Come ALL!!