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Stephanie McMahon’s Reaction To Nude Photos Surfacing On

WWE’s live events website ( remains offline after nude images were published in the photo gallery on Wednesday.

The website featured an unmoderated section where fans are permitted to upload photos taken at live events. A nude photo of former WWE Diva Tiffany from her Playboy modeling days was uploaded to the website, garnering attention online. More tawdry images were uploaded including a graphic still of Chyna’s s genitalia from her 2004 adult film 1 Night in China, a photo depicting TNA Wrestling broadcasters Mike Tenay and Taz looking on with approval, and a photo of The Miz with lettering reading “I’d fap to that.”

Stephanie McMahon, who oversees the website, called an emergency meeting upon learning of the situation. “Everyone was said to be blaming everyone else,” according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

  • payaso

    Misleading Title – Makes it sound like those photos are Stephanie’s.

  • Blue Blazer

    @ knghtcon – are they still on the web?

    The title of this article is very misleading indeed.

  • knightcon

    Steph has some from college. I’ve seen em.

  • marc

    Too bad she doesn’t have any nude pics. I think her, Trish and Lita should hold a meeting and discuss how quick they can all get nude pics up

  • muh boy

    oh no how horrible! will some one please think of the cena fans?!?!?!

  • MrDr3w

    I think the news was the fact that everybody was blaming each other.

  • poko

    Even if management didn’t have a clue this would happen, you’d still think someone in the technical department would point out how the internet actually works. Someone should forward Stephanie the Rules of the Internet.

    I’m not seeing anything misleading about the title of this article, either. Calling an emergency meeting is a reaction.

  • Jason

    Ok she called a meeting. That’s hardly newsworthy in terms of the title. Very misleading. That (Stephanie calls an emergency meeting) could have been put in the title.

    But then again as much as I don’t like to say it W-E has been doing a lot of misleading titles as of late especially with videos which dont really tell you much of anything that isnt already known.

  • venom

    I thought her reaction was “wheres my pics?”

  • shawn

    shouldnt that website have moderation in the 1st. place?

  • RoxanneConner

    She called a meeting. That was her reaction.

  • Dale

    Sorry, I missed the bit where you reported Stephanie McMahon’s reaction…?

  • wtffbbqsauce

    that reminded me of that time when they first opened the wwe forums and people spammed the shit out of it with porn. XD

  • voice of reason

    have a delay on the site maybe a 24 hour delay where any & all images can be moderated that’ll solve the problem