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– WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose recently spoke to CiyBeat.com about his primary goal in WWE:

“To me, anything less than being the top guy in the industry, the top villain in the industry, the WWE Champion, is a failure. That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, but whenever I look at it realistically, that’s just how it is.”

– Stephanie McMahon Levesque continues to sell her WWE stock, with another trade made this week. She sold 8,892 shares on September 9th (at $10.26 per share) and 25,426 shares on September 10th (at $10.31 a share).

  • ssadasd

    Wow, I wonder who is buying them up, will WWE have a new co-owner soon? A while back, Chael Sonnen wanted to buy WWE.

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