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Steve Austin Addresses His Wrestling Status, Would Reby Sky Join WWE?

– It was reported on various news outlets Wednesday that sources close to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin say it is unlikely that he will ever compete in a wrestling match again as a result of multiple injuries. A Twitter user asked the WWE Hall of Famer about the rumor and he issued a “bottom line” response.

“If I decide to wrestle/not wrestle you will hear it from ME Not a dirt sheet and damn sure not from bleacher report,” Austin states.

– Glamour model-turned-breakout-wrestling star Reby Sky was asked on Twitter whether she would be interested in joining WWE at this time and responded, “I’m truly happy where I’m at right now #LivingTheDream.”

Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Sky was forced to reject an opportunity offer from WWE due to her contract with Lucha Libre USA as their MTV2 program hostess.

Sky also responded to people criticizing her in-ring ability after a year-plus of training: “Love how people try to insult me with “You have nothing on [insert female wrestler here]”. I’m not trying to have anything “on” anyone. I’m trying to be the best that I can be. Emphasis on “I”. Trying to compare me to people who have been in the business for 200 yrs is ridiculous. Keep your sh*t in perspective. I’m busting my as$ and – to be honest – very content with where I’m at in my training.”

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ^ Angle is still a great worker, He wipes the floor with most of the TNA/WWE locker room. On Stone Cold wrestling again, I don’t think WWE should be concerning themselves with old talent when they have just extended Raw by an hour and they could barely fill a 2 hour Raw with decent talent.

  • Stockton Joe

    The physical toll the bumps took on Steve Austin, combined with some bad luck, have left Steve Austin at the point where one hard bump in the wrong place and the wrong time could leave him in a wheel-chair for the rest of his life. Austin chose to be able to walk with his wife, play with his kids and grandkids if wants, and to live life “as a man.” When Edge walks away while he can still walk, we respect it. When Stone Cold Steve Austin walks away while he can still walk, we call him a “sell-out.” That’s just garbage.

  • KingAlbert

    Let Austin rest, he has nothing to prove anymore, IDK y Angle is still wrestling.

  • Tyler(:

    SYM, Dean Malenko was a better “Wrestler” than Steve Austin, but I get what you mean and he’s alot better than them 3.

  • SYM

    Austin is probably the Greatest Wrestler the WWE’s ever had. Not Cena, not Punk, not Dwayne its Austin. He helped the WWE Survive at a time that was so unlikely of it. He didn’t sell out you guys a fucking trolls with no lives, just like the dirtsheet reporters.

  • john

    people blabbing on about austin is sold out!! never, the only thing austin did sell out is arenas!! yeah i missed austin on 1000th show as i was waiting for the sound of glass shattering but hey if the dude needs a leg surgery then the dude needs a leg surgery!

  • mark

    @ d

    Why do u say that?? he has nothing left to prove to anyone

  • d

    bald stone cold has become oldy leave the moron dead…

  • your mom sucking my dick>wrestling

  • manic

    Punk vs stone cold > cena vs rock