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- Some more reaction below on The Rock’s huge return to RAW last night:

Steve Austin: It was great to see The Rock back on RAW tonight…helluva promo from an electrifying cat. great stuff heading into Mania.

Chris Jericho: Congratulations to one of my favorite opponents and greatest rivals on returning to the WWE. The Rock is the BEST promo man of all time…

  • Nicholas G

    The Rock brought a little bit of attitude back to Monday night Raw. I do see the Rock at the next 2 Wrestlemania. An popping up in the WWE once in a while. Don’t see the Rock every wrestling again but I am ok with that. Because his wrestling skills was never the greatest but his mic like Jericho said nobody is better. Which is why he has had some done good in Hollywood. I know many people who are not wrestling fans love the Rock in Hollywood.

    In closing like I said he will be at the this year an next year Wrestlemania. Because I feel he is going into the Hall of Fame at next year WM.

  • BCNR Owner

    Gotta admit, the Rock still has the skills on the mic to cut a KILLER promo.

  • Mabry

    @ villa Foley, Pepsi actually….

  • villa Foley

    punk is a diet coke compared to the rocks full coke.

  • mabry

    @Rich absolutely, the only two guys that i have as much fun listening to are CM Punk and Chris Jericho….. dude, a confrontation promo between The Rock and CM Punk is a must, that would be amazing…..

  • Rich

    @mabry..his promos are simply electrifying

  • mabry

    I think everyone is happy as Mark said, even those that werent that much of big Rocks fans. Although i never liked hes wrestling style that much, i must say that i really enjoy seeing and listening him. I really miss hes rilvary with Austin, perhabs the greatest rivlary ever….

  • mark


  • Dystre Fjell

    Haha, I figured it when I saw all the electricity in the titantron, only one man can bring that to the WWE… BOOM !! His music starts !

    Man, I relived some great memories of the attitude era with that golden promo. Thank you Rocky !

  • adam

    ya Jericho and Austin got it right the rock is the best on the mic as soon as he came out it was just awesome. When i saw that girls legs out of the car i was thinking trish stratus stacy kiebler one of them. But then when it went all dark i was thinking this cant all be for a girl a build up like this. Than his music hit great return. Hopefully he stays long term not just a one time shot at mania which is what i think is going to happen.

  • CC

    This is why guys like Austin and Jericho are still considered top guys in the business. They give respect where respect is due, and minimise any trash talking about anyone they dont like.

  • !?

    I wouldn’t call the Rock the best of all time (in my opinion) however there is no denying the man’s presence. Man, first Booker and Nash, now The Rock, then HHH and Taker. The Nostalgia is killing me.

  • david said so

    y2j and austin r fucking right the rock is a legend an icon idc if he comes once every 10 years its still werth it

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