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Steve Austin Believes It’s Embarrassing For WWE To Bring In Celebrities To Wrestle

During a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, Austin looked back at WWE bringing in Stephen Amell to wrestle a match at SummerSlam against Stardust and King Barrett. Here is what he had to say about it.

On WWE bringing in Stephen Amell to wrestle a match at SummerSlam:

“I just don’t like the celebrities coming in there, the squared circle, and being able to compete at any level with the guys in the [professional wrestling] business,” Austin declared. “You’ve got to protect some integrity of the [professional wrestling] business. I don’t care what day and age, what year it is.”

On celebrities wrestling and hurting the business:

“It was what it was, but I just got a hard time seeing that kid come off with that crossbody [block] on the top rope on two WWE guys down there [on the floor].”

“So was it embarrassing? You’re damn right it was, but for the wrong reasons and the reasons [were] bad booking,” Austin said. “It was for a shoot embarrassing to those guys to have to go out there and do that with the actor guy involved, but that’s on a shoot level, so it was an embarrassment to the booking and I felt bad for those guys because they were in that role.”

Click here to listen to the whole podcast.

  • visual

    Amell was fine in the ring. He pulled off some moves, and he had fun and so did the crowd. SCSA needs to chill.

  • visual

    Well duh, I’m not a professional wrestler you mong.

  • The Killswitch

    I think he’s concerned with maintaining the level of believability within the WWE. If some random celebrity came on and did a match, and contributed toward a victory, it discredits/buries the guys he defeated. At least that’s where it seems he’s coming from.

    Like if Arnold Schwarzenegger came in and defeated John Cena, since he’s “The Terminator.” It in a sense breaks kayfabe, since that victory wouldn’t seem believable.

  • Ronald Ryan


  • Matt

    you stfu you ain’t got the respect that Austin has.

  • visual

    Shut up Austin, Stephen Amell held his own.