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Steve Austin And CM Punk Tease Match In Sit-down Interview, Video Pulled

The official YouTube account of WWE Games posted an eleven-minute video Thursday of Jim Ross moderating a sit-down discussion between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and CM Punk. The discussion, which was shot SummerSlam weekend, centered on Austin facing Punk in THQ’s WWE ’13 video game, while also teasing a real-life match between the two. The video, however, was removed within hours.

There are differing accounts on why the video was removed. According to, the video was released prematurely. says it was “not the correct version,” according to a THQ employee. The video will be released again.

During the debate, the two discuss what would happen if Punk competed in the “Attitude Era” and Austin was wrestling today. Austin puts over Punk and John Cena as present-day Superstars worthy of hanging with “Stone Cold,” while dismissively labeling “the rest of the locker room” as happy to be on television. Punk says he would have been a champion during the “Attitude Era,” which causes Austin to laugh.

The interview concludes with a firm handshake and Austin proclaiming that he would defeat Punk in both the video game world and in real-life.

  • keylo

    ^^^^ No and that would be a lame way for Punk to retain the strap as come up with something different and not have Ryback Punk and Cena do want was already done and still etched in people’s memory of Kane when he first arrived during Takers/HBK hell in a cell match, and why would they need Ryback in with them? Unless we go your way and HHH fucks off and stays away and Brock comes back as a face and goes after Punk based on his false claim of being best in the world.

  • Cracker1986

    Can anyone see a Ryback HEEL TRUN @ Hell In A Cell? ripping the door for the cell costing Cena the WWE Championship once about giving Punk a out not to win clean & joining Hayman & CM Punk.

  • Yes! 3X

    Oh so Kane is “happy to be on television”?

  • Macho Madness

    @ Nick, sir I agree with you completely. Unlike Rock vs. Cena (and I LOVE The Rock) here is a guy (Austin) who busted his ass and worked like a dog to be the best of all time forced to retired due to injuries suffered in the ring willing to comeback not because of a pay day but for the love of the business, and to prove he still is the MAN against the best in the business and that sure is hell is not Cena in terms of in ring ability or character, Punk has busted his ass to get where he is, and can hang with what the best the world has to offer. I dare say this match could send Punk into a world of fame he could never have dreamed of and finally provide some career closer for arguably the best superstar of all time in Stone Cold. Hell Yeah I’m down with this match at Mania!

  • MrDr3w

    Austin literally can not and will not take another bump….period! Vince wouldn’t risk Austin getting paralyzed.

  • me

    if the match ever does happen, it will be really tame, and mostly stone cold on offence, they won’t risk fucking up his neck again.

  • Jimbotron

    It’s just Vince McMahon trolling the over-18 crowd again. The match won’t happen.

  • Nick

    I think its okay to say, we’d all LOVE to see Austin/Punk at Mania