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Steve Austin Discusses Talents Problems with The Rock, Returning & More

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin was interviewed by The LAW this past week about his new movie Recoil. The LAW can be heard every Sunday night at 11pm EST with Dan Lovranski, Jason Agnew and John Pollock on TSN 1050 Toronto and online at Here are some highlights, courtesy of Chris Maffei:

Talent Having Problems with The Rock returning: “My thoughts on that are, you earn what you get in this business. Rock has earned the ability to come and go as he wants, because the business still needs him, it can still use him, and it can elevate the profile with having such a mainstream guy there. I don’t know about the promos between John (Cena) and Rock. I think some of them have gotten kind of personal, you wonder how much of it’s a work and how much of it’s a shoot. At the end of the day, it’s a worked business. Again, I think it’s a good thing for Rock to be involved with this. He’s earned his right to come and go and do whatever he wants.”

Current talent being vocal to creative: “(CM) Punk was a guy, and is a guy who, man, that guy flew by the seat of his pants. He was pissed off, he vented, he cuts great promos. He worked himself out of a bad situation into a great situation. He knew when it was time to pick his spot, when he contract was gonna be up. That guy’s been around the horn a few times, and he’s been kicked around a little bit. He saw how the other guys were being treated, and he needed, and deserved, and earned the right to be treated in that same fashion. Guys, you gotta pick your spot, but you gotta be vocal. It is a very interesting machine these days. They need voices to question them. They need voices to inspire them, or fuel them, to rethink some of the things that they’re doing and make it a better product.”

Returning under the right circumstances: “There’s nothing up in the air for me. If there’s something that presents itself as a business opportunity, then I have an open ear to listen to it. It would have to be right for myself, my opponent, and obviously the company. I’m not lobbying for another match. There’s always talk. People ask, ‘am I capable of having another match?’ Yeah. If I was in a bad situation, I would get back in the ring full time if I had to, but I don’t have to. I’m happy doing what I’m doing.”

  • HHH=Goat

    Austin is always classy.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    “at least hogan , angle & flair are still entertaining fans”

    Not very well, apparently…

  • whocares

    Sanj. Not a criticism. Is just hard to convert sarcasm in text which im pretty sure kitkrok was doing.

  • whocares

    Sorry.replace combust with somebody.trying out Swype on my tablet and it auto corrected wildly

  • whocares

    I’m pretty a sure kitkrockk was being sarcastic.I just assume that when combust praise Hogan or flair that they’re kidding. Hence my laughing quite loudly (lql)

  • kitkrock

    Rock left us for Hollywood, BK left us to kill animals and austin left us for farming.


    ’nuff said. TRUE wrestling fans would agree.

  • kitkrock

    Rock left us for hollywood, austin left us for farming and HBK left us to kill animals.


  • Sanj

    @whocares, @kitkrock, @heyfit

    Are you really THAT stupid and ignorant? You enjoy and love the product right? Then how can you get pleasure watching people like HBK, Rock, SCSA putting their lives at risk for the sake of your entertainment? That’s sickening to be honest. They have all accomplished everything possible in this business and chose to move on. SCSA, Rock saved the WWF when it was suffering and brought to a whole new level where the business survived and expanded, without them there would be no WWF/E. Simple.

    The reason why Hogan, Flair are the still wrestling is because they NEED THE MONEY! Have you ever thought about that, if they were financially well off, they wouldn’t be wrestling, they have a combined age of about 150 for crying out loud, nobody wants to see them wrestle! It’s embarassing for them, and TNA. So don’t give us this crap about how they’re sell outs, I challenge you to attempt to do what these guys in the ring and tell me you would risk your neck/back for the sake of us. The Rock didn’t need to come back, doesnt need the money, but if he feels he’s got something to prove, then fair enough, but look at what he’s brought with it all…people are talking about the product again, they’re interested, and ultimately that’s what helps the business survive when it has been stale over the last few years. He’s done more than the whole locker room combined, when the industry was a lot tougher back then, and he’s still a sell out?!

    Undertaker will retire after this year’s WM, and deservedly so, one last hoorah for him. He doesn’t need it anymore, he’s got nothing left to prove, especially to the likes of us.

  • Nicholas

    What Hogan, Angle and Flair are entertaining if that was so TNA would be beating Wwe all the way. I mean at least The Rock, Stone Cold and HBK know when to hang it up. They are well respected an like I said before. Some people don’t really know what they are talking about when they call Sell out. If you ask me the ones who are calling Stone Cold, The Rock and HBK are sell out should look in the mirror.

  • Whocares

    Kitrock, lql. Very good point

  • kitkrock

    I agree, those 3 sold out because they can still wrestle but chose to leave us all.

    Rock left us for hollywood, austin left us for farming and HBK left us to kill animals.


    at least hogan , angle & flair are still entertaining fans.

  • Jeff

    John Morrison had the same attitude last year with trish and that played a part in him getting released.

  • CM Mark

    Nothing but respect for Stone Cold.

  • RUSTanator

    can someone tell me how the hell HBK is a sell out???

    the guy had a career ending injury in 98, still played a role in the company with his on air commisioner role.

    comes back, wrestles at a level no one should be able to after having his injuries, wins world title, then says after he lost it, that he shouldnt win anymore titles because that should be for the younger guys, gives hogan his win at summerslam even though hogan rebuffed on a rematch deal (hence the reason shawn oversold hogans offence) and then nearing his 50s decides to call it a day and pass the torch (so to speak)

    explain how that is selling out? thats not selling out you idiot, thats like saying brett favre sold out because he retired at 43 and bailed on the vikings.

  • Mark

    Austin knows wot he is talking about. Hope we see him at wrestlemania

  • ogitchida

    SCSA was and is still the shit…. cant wait to see the day when he does return for that final match…

  • Whocares

    Don’t feed the trolls, guys. Some men just want to watch the world give them a thumbs down.

  • Nicholas

    I don’t think Heyfit really knows what being a Sell Out really means. I mean HBk, Stone Cold and The Rock are anything but sell out. There wrestling career was over so they move on and I am happy with that. If you want to know what Sell Out really mean look at Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair and Jeff Hardy all were made in Wwe expect Ric Flair look at where they are now tell me who really sold out.

    I rather see Stone Cold, HBK, and The Rock wouldn’t dream of stepping in another wrestling company. So tell me who are the real sell out again.

  • Brewer43

    HBK wanted to be with his family and retired
    Stone cold pretty much got told the same thing edge did about his health
    The rock just got offered a better deal and earned his spot…some people like him and some don’t.

  • nick

    go in that ring and break your neck for the business… and then continue wrestling for another 10 years. maybe you’ll have another view on why austin and shawn stopped

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    i would love to have seen more Austin-Bret matches, just watched his dvd and makes me wish they could have done more together

  • nin

    ^ another person who doesnt know what hes talking bout

  • heyfit

    rock austin & hbk sold out.
    they can still wrestler, but LEFT US ALL

    fuck ’em.