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Steve Austin Further Comments On Dana White Calling Pro Wrestling Fake

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Austin once again responded during a recent episode of his podcast to the recent comments of UFC President Dana White after he called wrestling “fake” on Twitter several weeks ago. Down below is what Austin had to say:

“I don’t think they conflict. But Dana [White] just put himself …you know, he said wrestling is fake. He put a couple of tweets out there. I thought it was just his version of saying [wrestling] is a “work”.

I don’t take it that he’s a big fan of pro wrestling so to me maybe because he’s the guy that runs the UFC with the Fertitta brothers that, you know, maybe in his mind those two worlds don’t mix, or they mix like oil and water. That being said, one of the biggest stars in his company — Ronda Rousey — is a huge fan of pro wrestling, and she even participated in an event not too long ago, so it’ll be interesting to see how you play those cards.”

You can listen to the episode down below:

Austin originally commented about the matter on his podcast during an interview with Daniel Cormier back on August 6th:

“I know Dana [White] is from the world of boxing and MMA, but I know he respects the world of professional wrestling. I thought that was his way of saying, ‘It’s a work’ because there’s a difference. Is it fake? It’s predetermined. It’s a work! So I don’t think [White] meant any disrespect to the business because I’ll say this, Daniel [Cormier]: I’ll take you, I’ll take Jon Jones, I’ll take the heavyweight champion of the world, I’ll take the bantamweight champion of the world, I’ll take any of you guys who want to go on the road for two years and be on the road for 250 days and go through that grind and you’ll never say ‘fake’, but what you will say, ‘It’s tough as hell!’ Fake, Dana? Not so much. A work? Yes, and I’m not saying that to put Dana on blast because I love him, I love the UFC, and he has always treated me well and always got me tickets when I got to see you fight in [Las] Vegas, so he’s always taken care of me but I think he does respect the business, and, hell, one of his biggest draws [Brock Lesnar] came from the world of pro wrestling.“

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  • Keith Learmonth

    See, I’d be okay with this if it wasn’t for the fact that Dana went out of his way after that to make fun of wrestling and it’s fans when they tried to defend against what he said.