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- There has been a lot of talk online this week about WWE’s Top 50 Superstars listing for the new DVD set. Steve Austin, who was ranked #3, and Jim Ross both took to Twitter to talk about the listing. Here’s what they wrote:

Austin: “i dont know the criteria for the WWE top 50 list…but i disagree with 85% of it.”

JR: “Hogan & Rock not being in top 10 n wwe top 50 dvd shocked me. Is shock 2 strong a word? Everyones entitled 2 their opinion.”

Ross later realized that The Rock was listed in the top 10, at #5, and corrected himself: “My bad on Rock’s lofty rtg on wwe’s top 50 dvd. Hulk should have been higher but argument can b made 4 others too. I liked the dvd. Buy it.”

Hulk Hogan was ranked #23 on WWE’s list.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Why is Chuck Pulumbo not in the top 50! I mean come on guys like him Johny Stamboli and Sean O’Haire made this buisiness!

  • Larry Ata

    well i agree that hogan should be number 1. Whether you like him or not he helped build WWF and put it on the map. Im not saying he did it on his own, but he helped a whole lot.

  • misfit

    Just because your the original doesn’t mean your the best, and of you want to go with that logic, Gorgeous George should be the greatest superstar ever because he was the first wrestler to get that you needed a schtick to get over, hell muhammad ali, totally ripped him off and people call him a maviric and the g.o.a.t (the greatest of all time).

  • Gary

    I dunno bout number 1 but he paved the way from the rock & SCSA, Hogan was the orinal MIC star

  • Manny

    Hogan should probably be the number 1.

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