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Steve Austin Praises John Cena, Says The Shield Will Break Up Eventually and More

– Steve Austin recently spoke with and below are some of the main highlights:

On The Shield: “They’re gonna break up The Shield one of these days after these guys get a little more seasoned…The guys are still great in the business and they have wonderful potential.”

On John Cena: “Here’s the thing about John Cena…that guy’s walking on the edge of a razor blade. Some people love to hate him, some people love to love him. But let me tell you something about John Cena; they all respect him. That guy has done a tremendous job for that company. He’s a guy that always shows up, he’ll work in pain, he always has a smile on his face. He goes to the nth degree to promote that brand. I’ve got nothing but respect for that guy. Really the way the fans take him. Some people say, ‘Would you please stop pushing this guy down our throat?’ But they’re not. He’s the face of the company. What do you do? Make number one the Blistering Heel? I tried that back in the day and I was Stone Cold. I was that grey area between black and white. Cena’s the face of the company, you don’t do that. When you turn down the cameras, the lights…he’s the face of the company. John Cena is a young veteran. He’s been in the ring, he’s told some great stories, he’s had a lot of high profile matches. He’s a young man, but he’s a veteran. You gotta work smarter, not harder. John, take care of your body.”

On getting back in the gym following surgery: “Right now I haven’t been workin’ out too much. I had a few set backs, but to answer your question [I work out] usually 5-6 days a week. Normally, I’m in there for about an hour and if things are going well I will add in 30 mins of cardio. I live about 2 miles from Gold’s [Gym]. I’ve been training there for many years, but I started training at a little hole in the wall place when I was healing up my shoulder a couple year’s ago.”

  • Clarence Black

    im not a Cena fan. however, i dont hate him either. i respect him. cena dose get forced a little too much. but he can pull it off. wwe does a lot of things that annoys the fans. but guess what we still watch. i dont know about you all, but i honestly cant wait to see cena vs bryan. i think it going to be a match that could be match of the year

  • Kristopher Robinson

    lol touché

  • David Allen

    Aw you shud have gone with ‘we the people’ not ‘we the fans’ lol

  • Scooter

    I respect the hell out of Cena to be totally honest.
    I just find him boring.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yea but it’s different for John Cena. Wwe didn’t force SCSA down our throats, we the fans forced him down theirs.