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Steve Austin Predicts Title Win for Fandango, Why Nash Ripped Promoter

– We noted earlier today that Kevin Nash ripped the Top Rope Wrestling promoter in Virginia. Nash went on the rant because he and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman worked a show for Top Rope last night and weren’t paid until they started complaining.

Waltman noted on Twitter that his doctors would have been very upset if they found out he was in the ring, just a week after tearing his anus.

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is predicting big things for Fandango. He tweeted today:


  • Elvis Dolinski

    Nash rips X-pacs anus again, here is exclusive play by play of what happened that fateful night:]

    Nash: I’m bored, gonna go on Twitter and stir it up a bit
    Xpac: blahdhfhe(nashsballsinmouth) tell them we didn’t get paid
    Nash: Shhh!!!, keep going pac, Yeah, WEEEE didn’t get paid,

    As Waltman finishes, he runs and trips on Nash’s Orthopedic Boots, leaving him in vulnerable position, as usual Nash thinks to himself “That was easy” then awkwardly trips over his own orthopedic shoes and accidently inserts himself in Waltman, both men blame the orthopedic shoes, yet the optimistic Nash proceeds, this Reverse Bronco Busting Waltman over and over, the next scene is horrible, this is real, not fake in any shape or form,

    Nash: Bronco Buster
    Xpac: We weren’t paid
    Nash:They took our jerbs
    Xpac: Reverse Bronco Busting!!!
    Nash: SWeeeeet
    Xpac: wait,wait, wait, wait, Yaytzee!!!
    Nash: I miss Hall
    Xpac: You ripped me a new one,
    Nash: Yeah you might wanna clean up now

    Then after this fateful night of tripping on Nash’s Orthopedic Boots, they took to Twitter to air out their grievences, stating that they were not paid for a promotion, only to find that Nash’s check and XPacs cash was actually in Nash’s Orthopedic shoes. Then apologized via twitter. End story. again this story is true, like the story of Matt Hardy’s tale of redemption, WWE, TNA, to finally wrestling a mop and winning the cardboard title from Shane Helms in a losers gotta make a horrible podcast outing people for no reason and justifying themselves for being better than they real were.

  • Stumpy

    The title to this article should’ve read, “Nash rips promoter because of Waltman’s ripped anus.” Now that would’ve been a great headline!

  • Dflo

    I couldn’t stop laughing about that note on Sean Waltman! It made my stomach hurt, it was so funny.

  • D2K

    I think it would be brilliant if they gave Fandango the IC strap. His career reminds me a lot of the Honky Tonk Man when he first came in. Just like Fandango his gimmick felt WAY over the top and people were like, “Huh…..really?” After they put the IC strap on him and let him hold it for a year the IC title became like part of his gimmick.

    Even though it was obvious to everyone that Honky Tonk lacked the ring skills of pretty much everyone in the IC division at that time (even commentators like Jesse Ventura whom was a Honky apologist noted on it) he still found ways to hang on to the IC belt. I say let Fandango win the IC strap soon, let him carry it all the way to within a few clicks of Honky Tonk’s record, then HAVE Honky Tonk Man come out and try and either challenge him for the title, or protege someone to stop him from breaking the record.

  • Prince

    He’ll probably be IC Champ or US Champ within about 2-3 months actually. Vince is in love with him.

  • Why do I want to make a joke about X-Pac tearing his anus?

  • Pie-way man

    Who is this Fandango people are talking about?