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Steve Austin Replies to CM Punk’s WrestleMania 29 Comment, Jericho Chimes In

– As noted last night, WWE Champion CM Punk wrote a WrestleMania 29 teaser to Steve Austin. Punk wrote, “29, son.”

Austin replied:

“@CMPunk Just worry about 28. If the stars all line up I always have a big can of Whoop Ass ready to take to NYC. #rogerthat”

Punk’s WrestleMania 28 opponent replied:

“You’ve got to be kidding me? Youre not gonna make it past 28. If Austin has a problem ill kick his ass too”

  • Lord KGM

    Flip u are the only true wrestling fan in this actual blog. CM does stand for chick magnet, which is a tag team he was a part of in his ROH days. I think Punk vs. Jericho will be the best match at WM28 and if Austin can bring his body back into wrestling shape, WM29 will be way better than 28. Current WM29 card in my head:

    Undertaker vs. Lesnar (streak on the line for the new era)

    Austin vs. Punk (Punk will be a heel again)

    HHH vs. HBK (DXs era ended)

    Money in the Bank: Kingston vs. Del Rio vs. Ziggler vs. Santino vs. Swagger vs. Ryder vs. Bryan vs. The Miz vs. Christian vs. Sin Cara (or if Vince wisen up Kurt Angle) for the WM return of the match

    Long shot match of my dreams:
    Tag team title match
    Kidd and Gabriel vs. New Age Outlaws (this is a leadup match to the end of an era match)

    WWE vs. World for undisputed champion:
    Cena vs. Orton (in their last true head to head battle)

    Intercontinental vs. United States for a title cancellation match:
    IC – Cody Rhodes vs. US – Ted DiBiase – winner keeps their belt and loser resigns his belt as the last of that midcard title history

    Cruiserweight title match:
    Brian Kendrick vs. Hunico

    Women’s (not divas) title match:
    Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix

    Big Show vs. Shaq

  • Eddie Money

    I can’t help but feel a little disappointed at the Jericho Punk match build up. If done right this could’ve had amazing results but because so much time was spent focusing on other angles…the build up feels really slapped together and not so solid.

  • Jason L

    @ Flip & Legend Killer

    I’ve heard the same about both but I looked it up again and here’s what I found…

    Originally, the initials CM in his ring name represented the phrase “Chick Magnet”, the name of the tag team he was in as a backyard wrestler. Punk, however, later changed CM into an orphan initialism, declaring that it has no meaning, though when asked since he has taken to making up meanings that fit the initials, going so far as to make up long stories to explain the origins that do not match the actual origin story at all. Since beginning this practice, Punk has stated CM stands for “Cookie Monster”,”Cookie Master” “Crooked Moonsault”, “Chuck Mosley”, “Charles Montgomery”, “Charles Manson”, “Crazy Mariachi”, and “Chicago Made” among others.

  • Legend Killer

    Thought it also meant ‘Chicago Made’ Punk?

  • Flip

    CM stands for chick magnet it was part of an old tag team I think

  • Zach D

    Instead of bringing up Punk’s mother last night,Jericho should’ve said something like “What does CM stand for anyway? Child Molester? Are you A child molester Punk?”

  • Cakes

    It’s not that he’s toned it down, I just believe that CM Punk simply isn’t as amazing as he thinks or the audience thought. Punk is great at breaking the 4th wall and mentioning things that aren’t suppose to be known by the WWE audience. Punk is really only as good as who he is feuding with. With that being said, punk was stellar against cena, HHH, Nash, and McMahon because of all the backstage stories, reputations, and egos that those superstars have. But punk was bland and boring against miz, del rio, ziggler, and his elimination chambers opponents. In all fairness thou, I feel the WWE prevented him and Jericho from really going all out in this current feud due to Rock/Cena and HHH/taker. But hopefully they continue this feud for awhile after mania. All in all, punk is an incredibly talented performer, but I always felt that his own perception of who he thinks he is and how good he thinks he is will lead to his character downfall

  • Arrrrrrr truth

    It was 4 years ago. The next year they had a non title match in Chicago that Jericho won. It was damn solid!

  • heyfit

    We’ve already seen Punk vs Jericho in 2008 during the king of the ring tournement.

    It sucked, they both don’t work well with each other.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    i miss heel punk though 🙁

  • Jon-Jon

    Lol Jericho always trolling. Punk vs Austin would be epic, and Punk vs Jericho is, too. I’m glad Punk is really getting the huge push he deserves. This is creating some huge mega-match moments. Punk vs Cena.. Punk vs Jericho.. Punk vs Bryan.. Punk vs Austin.. Punk vs Taker.. Punk vs Lesnar.. The possibilities are endless!!