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Steve Austin Speaks Fondly About Chris Benoit, But Says What He Did Was “Unforgivable”

During a recent podcast, Steve Austin was asked his thoughts on Chris Benoit going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Austin replied:

“Well first and foremost, what I think about Chris Benoit is that guy was one of the most nicest guys I ever met in my life. He’s one of the most talented, hard working cats I’d ever seen in the squared circle. Anybody who knew Chris would tell you those exact two things. That guy loved the damn wrestling business, he was born to be a wrestler and was absolutely phenomenal. Drawing a lot of his influence from The Dynamite Kid, he blazed a path as the Pegasus Kid and his legacy as The Crippler Chris Benoit was just one hellacious career.”

“One night, Chris ended up killing his wife and his kid. That is an act so terrible and horrible I can’t even comprehend or guess as to what happened in that house. That will always overshadow any accomplishment Chris had in the ring. He’ll never be in the Hall of Fame, it will just never happen. His career will speak for itself but his record as a human being, his first and foremost, and those actions will never be forgotten. That’s my feelings on that, we don’t even need to talk about the Hall of Fame. Speaking for myself, Chris Benoit as the person I knew, loved him. Chris Benoit as a wrestler, loved him. Chris Benoit as the person who did what he did, unforgivable. Bottom line.”

  • Johhny

    “He’ll never be in the Hall of Fame,” big whoop the hall of fame is a joke these days anyhow,however as far as beniot goes,we never know what these guys go thru at home in there lifes away from the ring,that said the old saying parents go by is i brought you in this world and i can take you out of this world,in this case it was very true,yea it is sad but at the same time we still do not know what made him snap like he did,besides the roids or whatever the media wants to say.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree with you, but I just don’t agree when people say he doesn’t deserve it.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I disagree with you on this. Most major “Hall of fame” institutions will refuse to induct anyone who creates a negative controversy surrounding that industry. WWE should do the same. The day they induct Benoit into the hall of fame, it’ll just bring all that negative controversy right back, and they’ll be accused of “Celebrating and honouring a murderer”.

    Unfortunately, he will always be defined much more by how he died than how he lived, and that’s nobody’s fault but his own. Honestly, if he’d been arrested, and gone to prison, he’d probably have a minor chance of getting into the HOF, but even then, not likely.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    True, BUT, there’s a difference between being intoxicated and doing something wrong as opposed to having psychological issues and doing something wrong. I can and will not justify what Benoit did, but the HOF is for what these superstars have done in the RING, other than celebrities, when have you ever heard of what any HOF’er did outside the ring?

  • mikhailhoti

    Im not saying thats good. That even bad, Austin would have been most probably drunk. But dude this is MURDER. Take someone life away and CHILDS too.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    But Austin hitting his wife, that’s easily forgivable/forgettable lol.

  • LoganSR71

    Agreed. All of the years training, traveling, bumping, etc, all of his accomplishments that would have gotten him into the HoF was destroyed in a day.

  • mikhailhoti

    Perfectly Said. Great Wrestler, Greater Career, but pathetic ending and unforgivable. That one act it self is the reason he doesnt deserve the Hall of Fame.