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Steve Austin Talks Why He’s Hosting WWE Tough Enough and More

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently spoke with WWE’s website about Tough Enough. Here is the interview:: Why did you decide to host Tough Enough?

AUSTIN: I was just excited about being a part of WWE again. I still watch WWE, and I’m excited to have input in making future stars in the business that I’ve loved since I was 7 years old. What are you looking for from the Tough Enough contestants?

AUSTIN: The name of the show is Tough Enough, but along with being “tough enough” to take the bumps, bruises and travel, you’ve got to know how to wrestle, how to talk and how to be charismatic. That being said, this show will be “tough enough,” as the name implies, and it will be physical. I am looking extremely forward to putting these young men and women through their paces. I will make sure they’re busting their asses in the ring with the trainers, and with me. Who trained you, and what part of your training do you want to pass along to the Tough Enough contestants?

AUSTIN: I broke in back in 1989. I was trained by “Gentleman” Chris Adams, and it was decent training. I learned the basics. I paid my dues. I want to see the contestants pay their dues. How is becoming a WWE Superstar today different than becoming a WWE Superstar when you did it?

There are only a couple of guys left in WWE who were around from the days of the regional territories. I came up through those territories. Back then, you had to scratch, fight and claw your way into the business. Some of these contestants have paid their dues and just not gotten a break. Some are just green. Regardless, we’ve got some fun and cool competitions. This is going to be a true competition to make one of these kids earn a WWE contract. What if one of the Tough Enough contestants disrespects you?

AUSTIN: I wouldn’t stand for that B.S. I paid my dues. I know more about WWE than anything else in my life. It’s just not gonna happen.

  • Sam

    FYI, the contestants that will appear on the new Tough Enough will be indy wrestlers who’ve actually know a thing or two about paying dues and about actual WRESTLING.

  • D’Andre

    this mite be out of the topic but i think that thursday nite wwe superstars was ment for the superstars that dnt get a chance to be on raw or smackdown get to show ppl there talent

  • misfit

    Chuva, I disagree, I don’t think steve is one of those people ( but I may be wrong), he has a great wrestling mind, and he may actually turn up a future world champion.

  • Chuva

    I find it funny that he mentions “paying dues”, yet agrees to train a bunch of kids on a stepping stone show that basically helps you get around “paying your dues”.

    As for the “disrespect” thing. I have a feeling that if you don’t kiss his a$$ on everything, you’ll be disrespecting him. I could be wrong about that tho. He seems decent enough.

  • misfit

    Ha, I wanna see someone actually try to disrespect the biggest and most important superstar in the history of the sport ( not hogan, flair, dwayne johnson).