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- Jim Ross has posted his latest blog, which you can check over at jrsbarbq.com. Below are the main highlights…

About Steve Austin appearing on Raw on 12/27: To the best of my knowledge, Steve Austin has not been officially scheduled to appear on an upcoming Raw as has been reported elsewhere. Steve is preparing to film another movie in Vancouver soon that will take him into December. At that time I assume he will head to his Texas ranch for some R&R and to celebrate the holidays. Jan and I hope to visit Steve and his crew at the Broken Skull Ranch in late December or early January. BTW Steve’s latest movie Hunt to Kill is out next week on DVD and it’s a cool, kick ass movie that I really enjoyed. I think that you will too especially if you like to see Stone Cold kick the bad guy’s butt. Good storyline/script that makes for some stout action/adventure.

On Lita returning to WWE: Enjoyed seeing Lita make her cameo on Raw Monday night. She was one of the all time great Divas in WWE and I can still vividly remember her job interview in my WWE office many years ago. I assume she will not come back to WWE full time but, as a fan of her work, it would be nice to see her back for a short run. I think that the team of Trish & Lita vs. Lay Cool, for example, would be a really nice attraction type bout at WM27. Just an idea.

On Mick Foley’s new book: Mick Foley has written yet another entertaining book, ‘Countdown to Lockdown.’ It’s available now and I really enjoyed it. I thought Mick really overachieved on his latest literary efforts based on what I perceived the book to be about before reading it. Mick is a genius at engaging his audience and I have actually read ‘Countdown’ twice. It will be fun to see Mick on HLN Friday night with the talented and funny Joy Behar. Some day it would be great to possibly have Mick as a panelist on the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable discussions.

  • 321kid with a razor

    Well for a womens match at wrestlemania then tend to put a handful of women in a match, diva battle royal or lumberjill match so that they can all get money. With this I would have Lita & Trish vs Laycool vs Melina & Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix & Eve four corners elimination tag match. That way everyone can wrestle inj a decent womens match

  • kill cena haters


  • Kelly

    Lita and Trish VS. I guess Laycool would be fucking awesome, forget Lesnar and Undertaker(As that could never happen), this would be an awesome Mania Treat.

  • jay


    How is that going to make it better in any way? Have you seen those girls attempt to wrestle? It makes Herb Abram’s UWF look like a Lou Thesz classic.

  • venom

    Laycool vs Trish and Lita would be awesome. The Women’s Divison will get better when NXT 3 is over. I think the rookies are going to replace most of the divas.

  • CORY

    A match between trish lita and laycool would be awesome if the women
    today could wrestle.

  • RawisWar

    It’s time the WWE starting treating Female Wrestlers with respect like in the past 80′s & 90′s etc… instead of signing “Eye Candy” wrestlers that only look good in the ring it terms of appearance but not in terms of wrestling ability because they can’t wrestler at all… Diva matches in the WWE are always viewed as jokes to me their usually when i go take a snack break or just change the channel upon other things bring back real female wrestlers like Chyna or Lita , Trish, The Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richter etc… i dont mean bring them back impractically i mean bring back real wrestlers like them back.

  • RawisWar

    Trish & Lita vs Lay-Cool is the worst idea match ever Lay-Cool has to be the worst diva tag team ever and most annoying as well… i know it’s apart of their whole gimmick to be annoying but before they had that gimmick i found them annoying… i would love to see Trish & Lita against divas that are actually entertaining to watch and can actaully wrestle in the ring like Natalya & Beth Phoenix team up against them or Gail Kim & Melina or better yet have Trish vs Lita and Natalya vs Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim vs Melina those would be diva matches i would love to see

  • Zach

    Trish and Lita would have to carry Laycool SO much when it comes to promos. Laycool is straight boring and annoying.

  • Sparky Plug

    I think it would be even better to just see Trish and Lita face each other in a womans match that would actually be good, while Lay Cool just goes away.

  • HeartBreakHill

    That would be an incredibly awesome women’s wrestling match that would feature talented and entertaining athletes.

    Exactly why it will never happen.

  • erik

    @plw yeah it would have lita ans trish getting humilated by mctaker and her bitch layla. laya and mctaker are not even in lita and trish league or deserve to share the ring with them.

  • damkat

    that would be a great match, love to see it…

  • PLW

    Lita n Trish vs. Lay-Cool would be great match 2 see

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