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Steve “Dr. Death” Williams Passes Away


– It’s sad to report that wrestling legend Steve “Dr. Death” Williams lost his battle with cancer last night and has passed away. More details should be available soon.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Williams.


    I remember Dr. Death the most when he teamed with Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy in 1993 and completely OWNED the Steiner Bros twice. THe first was when they beat the Steiners in a tag team tournament finals at WCW Beach Blast PPV in Mobile, AL. (I was there!) and for the WCW tag titles about a month or so later! His Oklahoma Stampede finisher was a beast! He will truly be missed!

  • LVW

    He wrestled at a event in my hometown in late 2008 and spoke at a church the next morning about his battle with cancer.

  • C.R.

    I’m sorry to hear that news. Cancer is claiming everyone these days. It’s a damn shame. RIP Dr Death.

  • Logan

    Damn, RIP Steve Williams

  • Treg

    2009 .. the year of celebrity death. ..He almost made it through to next year =/ R.I.P.

  • nick

    and wow im surprised so many people dont kno who dr.death was… he was actually a pretty popular wrestler in the early to mid-90s

  • nick


  • Nick

    Sadly, I think we’ll read more comments that start with “Who the hell is…” with future wrestlers who pass away. D.a.m.n. kids and your hippity-hop music.

  • jpcleg

    I’m 14 and even I know who Dr. Death Steve Williams was, he was a no nonsence, badass, and he waz a hell of a wrestler, R.I.P Steve Williams

  • Chris E

    Horrible news. I just saw a picture of him last night on SLAM. He was one of my favorite wrestlers.R.I.P. Dr. Death, you will be missed so very much.

  • Josh

    williams vs. kobashi august 31 1993 is one of the best matches of all time. RIP Dr death. Thanks for the archive

  • Paul Orndorff

    Dr. Death was famous in the UWF in the early 90’s. He had huge heat with Freebird Terry ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy. This era of Cena fans is disgusting. You peeps have no idea what great wrestling was. Today does not even compare to the late 80’s-early 90’s!

  • Jay Dogg

    Great Martial Artist…. Rip Dr Death!!

  • jedi316

    I know that Dr Death was good friends with JR but does anyone but me remember in WCW he stood next to the fake JR played by Ed Farrer when the real JR had the stroke? That was one of the lowest things that Vince Russo and Ed Farrer ever did in WCW!! I always like Dr Death but after he did whose Nitros standing by the announce table as they mocked JR I lost all respect for him.

  • litarocks

    one of the 80’s badasses

  • Devil_Rising

    Guy, I don’t need to “unclench”. I thought you were being disrespectful, as so many dumba$$es online often are. Like you said, it was taken wrong.

    R.I.P. Steve.

  • guy

    @ Devil

    I apologize if I offended you or anyone. I do KNOW wrestling and that is why I made the comment that I had made. It was taken wrong and for that I apologize. I was a big fan of Dr. Death and am saddened by his passing and his struggle with cancer. That is no laughing matter!

    Devil_Rising – Unclench . . .

  • jm

    one of the greats from the old mid south days, bless his family

  • 6burgh

    1 of my favorites i’ll miss him RIP

  • Devil_Rising

    @ guy

    Try showing some freaking respect.

    A) Dr. Death was a legend to people who actually KNOW wrestling.

    B) J.R. is also a legend in this business, so he can write whatever and whenever the hell he wants.

    C) They were both native Oklahomans, and very close friends….so NO S*** J.R. is going to write something in memory of his FRIEND Steve Williams.

    Go suck a hot tire iron dude, seriously.

  • Tyler

    Dr. Death was the man. Youtube some of his wars with Stan Hansen and Kenta Kobashi

  • Christian C.

    RIP Steve Williams, he’s the reason Stone Cold had to call himself Steve Austin.

  • kyle

    dr. death practically invented the powerbomb in the mid-south. who the hell is steve williams? what are you all 12?

  • Sylvester

    Damn DR. Death was like one of the greatest to never have won a World title.
    He was a great tag team wrestler and a reported real tough guy out of the ring. R.I.P “Dr Death” man were you great.
    You teeny boppers who don’t know who he is should do your homework and find some matches with him and other stars of the 80’s

  • Adam Harding

    R.I.P Steve Williams

  • TJ

    Dr. Death Steve Williams was one of JR’s Oklahoma guys. He was mostly in Mid-South, Japan, and WCW. In the 90’s, he went unpinned in the U.S. for 10 years. He was a powerhouse.

  • tonyd

    yall dont know who dr. death is???? damn then u dont remember jr was a heel and he brought him in the wwf back then wit the fake hall and nash….then he lasted in the wwf through the middle of the attitude era….remember the brawl for all boxing turnament??? he go ko’d by bart gunn…the he went to wcw for a while….RIP DR. DEATH

  • edgehead15

    lmao @ guy.

    But serous I though it was DR. Stevie for a while….lol

    Who is this guy?

  • Matt

    who the hell is he?

  • guy

    I give JR two minutes before he posts his next blog . . .