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— Sources within TNA Wrestling believe that Steve “Sting” Borden is very close to reaching a new deal with the organization, reports f4wonline.com this morning.

His profile was removed from the company website last night.

As of the middle of last week, WWE officials had not contacted Borden regarding an appearance at WrestleMania XXVII.

— WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart has been added back to the TNA website’s roster page. He has been removed from the page three times within the past three weeks.

TNA iMPACT! returns tonight to U.K. airwaves at 10 p.m. on Challenge TV. It is followed by TNA Xplosion at midnight.

  • adam

    Everyone is soooooooo sure its taker now what if on this monday for a promo they do stings old music the seek and destroy rif that he used to come out to. You neverk now whats going on until 2-21-11 because no one on either side has said yes or no sting hasnt talked wwe and tna both think he is in the other company but neither as far as we know it has a contract. Also for everyone saying tna will go out of buisness or tna is better then wwe there both wrong. Tna will prolly stick around for about 4 more years maybe longer but they will never be bigger then wwe or even bigger then old ecw. If there was a company i was scared of for taking some thunder from wwe it would be ring of honor but after watching there show on monday im not even scared of that anymore.

  • http://aff Lake

    It’s Taker, why did they play that damn song?! They’ve just made it so obvious now, unless this is all a smokescreen, and they want us to believe it’s definitely Taker, then BAM, it’s somebody else.

    But no, I’m 99.9% confident it’s him, I just wish they could have kept it at least a LITTLE more secret, by the time the 21st comes they’ll be showing us a casket surrounded by druids, just to make it that little more obvious to us all.

  • TomC

    @CC … the CURRENT WWE is “WWE LITE” – it’s a cartoon image of what it used to be (which is why it’s not at all surprising why you love it so much – right at your level (i.e. 5th grade)).

    Morons like you have been clammering about “TNA going out of business in a few years” for MORE than a few years now – and lookee lookee, TNA is not only still around, but doing fairly well. Ratings have been increasing, their starting to do more shows around the country and oversees, and there is talk of TNA plans to branch out to other venues for their IMPACT tapings.

    So, continue to suck on your WWE lollipop all you like … TNA isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. DEAL WITH IT.

  • bloodstone

    and i also agree with mcmax
    Sting could come to wwe to resurrect the Undertaker, ever watch Halloween the resurrecting of michael myers ? there a mysery man all thru the movie black boots and a trinch coat wwe has use ideas from movies before

  • bloodstone

    i myself belive this is all a smoke screen so they played a johnny cash song if my memory serve me right sting had a match against mick foley many years ago at wcw Halloween Havoc spin the wheel make a deal it was about the same match as buried alive . i still believe it could still be sting if it’s the undertaker wwe failed big time and it will be a big let down and wwe is not stupid

  • bloodstone

    well said why do people have to act like their 3

  • CC

    @TomC. Grow up you idiot.
    If you want to see a circle jerk of stupidity, go look at TNA management. A bunch of idiots who took what was a great promotion, and turned it into WWE lite.

    You can laugh you butts off all you want, but the WWE fans will be laughing even louder when TNA goes out of business within a few years.

  • goonderblonggee dang

    Undertaker vs. Mae Young in a 50 foot scaffold match at Wrestlemania

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    I give up. Its the undertaker.



  • TomC

    So hilarious watching all of you pathetic TNA haters rant and rave in your circle jerk of stupidity. I truly hope Sting DOES go back to TNA, so we can all laugh our @sses off watching you all whine, cry and moan about it.

  • jimbo

    I just read that he signed with ROH and has an appearance deal with AAA in mexico and is going into the New Japan Hall of Fame. Seriously, the “officials” in TNA are stupid. I mean, last week Sting was “WWE-BOUND” this week “we’ve almost signed him.” News of Sting coming to WWE is huge. It’s probably their biggest announcement since Vince bought WCW. I seriously doubt anyone that knew in the WWE about it would actually tell anyone considering their job would be in jeopardy. Either TNA or WWE are pulling our legs here. And who has heard from Sting? Normally on these sites if someone is coming in or going out, they are interviewed to an extent. But no where have I read anything about whether Sting said he was WWE or Tna bound or if he’s coming back in general. Personally I think it is still Sting in the 2-21-11 promos. I think he’ll wrestle in the WWE this year and be inducted at next years HOF. I just hope wherever he goes if anywhere, they don’t “feed” him to anybody. If it’s against Taker, he’ll lose at mania for sure, but I hope they don’t have just one match.

  • CAL

    Sting is afraid cant handle wwe and loves wcw i mean tna.Hes busy banging Dixie and chilling with wcw co workers in that shitty company tna..

  • CC

    Sources in TNA dont actually know anything as last week sources in TNA were certain he had signed with WWE.
    Sounds like a case of hedging their bets.
    Next rumour will be that sources in TNA say that Sting will not sign with TNA or WWE. That way, whatever Sting decides, one of the rumours will be right.

  • rick

    except who ever it is, is returning on the raw after the elimination chamber…so they wont b able 2 b in the chamber match.

  • Cydogg

    Hey I think Taker comes back, but Sting as well. Only they show respect for each other instead of fighting. Now something interesting to note is the injuries on RAW. If Nexus keeps taking people out, maybe a slot opens up at the Chamber event. Since Taker is a SD star, it wouldn’t be him taking the slot. Maybe Sting gets the slot, winning a title shot at Mania. So in this scenario, Taker still can take on Barrett, while Sting wins a title at Mania. Anyone?

  • ChrisDV

    Yeah, well TNA also believed that moving to Mondays would work out for them.

  • nathan

    Steve ‘Steve’ Boerden 😀

  • mcmax

    see I dont think its the undertaker. I know they used that song in the wm promo with HBK and the whole idea that he was buried and “ain’t no grave gonna hold me down” but I still think the WWE will give us what we want for a change. Maybe Sting has some intention of resurrecting the Undertaker, who knows…we just won’t know until 2/21/11


    its the undertaker in that promo clearly.. they ruined the new promo with the song at the end

  • sam

    or does it???????????

  • Danny

    I thought it was him until i heard Johnny Cash. I was like nope that’s Taker. Too bad though. I really think Sting should give wwe a run. I think it’s too late for that.

  • Adam

    So that rules out 2 21 11 being Sting.

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