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Sting Discusses TNA’s Hall of Fame, Almost Joining WWE, His Retirement and More

– TNA star Sting participated in a conference call on Wednesday to promote this weekend’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

* Sting talked about how he was very close to signing with WWE before last year’s WrestleMania event. He was surprised the two sides didn’t reach an agreement so he could face The Undertaker. Sting said Taker was the one guy he would like to work with that he hasn’t besides some of the younger talents in TNA.

* He has had discussions with a publisher about writing an autobiography.

* He named Austin Aries, Magnus, James Storm and Bobby Roode as the future stars.

* He’s interested in working behind the scenes and possibly in a creative role once his in-ring career is finished.

* For now, Sting said he is planning on retiring with TNA. He said he thinks every year will be his last but it’s hard to walk away from TNA when they’re “not quite there.” His interest and motivation have gone up in the last year.

* Sting says he shouldn’t be the first inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame and said guys like AJ Styles or Jeff Jarrett were more deserving.

  • Shawn

    The only reason it didn’t happen was because Sting didn’t want it to happen. WWE felt so confident it would happen they aired the edited Undertaker 2-21-11 video so fans would believe it was Sting. Fans were immediately excited. But it wasn’t enough for Sting to sign because Dixie called him at the last minute, in tears, and he chose to be ‘loyal’ to TNA. That’s hilarious, but true. Too bad, it really ripped off all his loyal fans who wanted to see him on a big stage one last time. Probably never going to happen now.

  • Wow…

    I honestly wouldn’t like to see it, I’m a fan of both but they are way past their prime. Besides Sting is in way better form than Taker and I wouldn’t believe it if they made him lose considering Sting has wrestled a lot more than Taker for a while now.

    I agree though, Styles or Jarrett should be the first inductee.

  • blue4everd

    @eves left nipple it couldn’t be an end of an era because it never happened. This is a fantasy match come true! Like big show vs Andre the giant or the rock vs John Cena! People have always wanted to see sting face taker! It would be a hit!!

  • Eve’s left nipple

    It really wouldn’t suprise me if Sting faced Taker next year, I know they said the whole ‘end of a era’ thing but i think that this could potentially be a good storyline in months going in to Mania.

  • batesy boy

    Sting is a class act and a true great, not many left now

  • cheesehandler

    You know they’ll put sting in first just to sweeten him up before this yrs contract expires

  • SYM

    I just Really want to see Sting vs The Undertaker