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Sting Featured On New TNA PPV Poster, “iMPACT!” Preview, Strange Dixie Tweet

— TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting is featured on the promotional poster for the TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view event, which takes place May 15, 2011 at the Impact! Zone in Orlando, Florida.

The poster features an image of Sting’s face, with the tagline reading: “Will one man’s legacy fulfill another man’s dream?” To see it, click here.

— has released the following preview for this week’s episode of TNA iMPACT! (to be taped Monday in Orlando, Florida):

* How far will Hulk Hogan go to get Sting’s TNA World Title back under Immortal’s control?

* Plus, now that Kurt Angle has signed to wrestle Jeff Jarrett at Lockdown, will Kurt Angle seek further revenge?

— TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter wrote “I am” on her Twitter account before deleting the message a short while later. It was her first tweet since March 2.

  • adam

    I am not 100 percent sure she would be with sting. I mean even though he is a face right now and wrestling likes you to forget pass wrestling stories. Besides the title win and ppv the last time sting was on impact he was threatining dixie was he not. Maybe it means I am retring from wrestling or I am an idiot for brining hogan and bichoff in or I am a person with no talent. Also why is the batman symbol on the poster?

  • I am? I really hope it’s an Aj reference. I pray they’re gonna put the belt back on Aj soon. Immortal can just go away and let Sting and Aj battle for the belt like the good ole days.

  • CC

    @Kris. Its not her money that she’s been investing, its her parents companies money. If she left it would be no different to when Tony George was ousted by his family from running Indianapolis race track.
    The family is still the owners and the money people, but the guy making the decisions has been changed.
    If I was Panda, I’d put someone with more business savvy in charge or into a better liason position at least.

  • rick

    “I am…a complete moron”

  • Kris

    Yea smart her leave TNA(for real) all the money she has invested in it goes too..IN storyline she ahs already left til she comes back as “The Network”..ig props to Chris, never thought of that

  • Chris

    Who doesn’t think Dixie is going to end up being ‘The Network’? They made such a big deal about hounding Sting on Impact about who it is that it seems like its going to be a storyline. It all started when she lost control of TNA so this is a way to keep her involved.

  • al

    is this news? maybe it was just a typo and she erased it

  • M.C.

    An aj styles reference? No, but I do hope she meant to finish it with “leaving TNA”